Friday, January 20, 2017

Inauguration Day Five

1. What a day this is! I intend to be 'glued' to the television, watching the inauguration of the 45th president of the United States, Donald Trump. Regardless of who you voted for, this is part of our history, part of our democracy and needs to be honored as such.

2. Loved the green dress and coat Ivanka Trump had on yesterday. That gal knows how to dress!!

3. I am still not well from having bronchitis. Me and Barbara Bush are having a tough time of it!

4. On another note. It is good to be home after being with my son in Alabama for 3 weeks. But, I miss him and his little dog, Sadie.

5. My final five today is the biggest prayer I can give. And, that is that this new President is always safe, makes great decisions that America needs to be great again. I pray for the new vice-president, as well and all those taking office in our land. I pray for unity in this country. I am ashamed of the 'hissy fits' that are being thrown by adults who should know better. I pray that peace will come to us, the world over.  May God watch over us all.

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  1. Sadie!!!!!

    Thank you for the Prayer!
    love & love,

  2. Hope you feel better soon, I too pray for a united world.

  3. Awesome awesome post.... Makes me sad to see and watch what is happening in this country political-wise... I love the USA --and we desperately needed change... Trump is willing to help us make the correct changes for our country IF the 'other side' will just give him a chance... I continually pray for our country and its future... God Bless America. AND YES---I have my eyes glued to the TV today watching this historical event.

    Glad you got to visit your son and his doggie... I'm sure you are anxious to visit Marie --but please, wait 'til spring... MERCY ME--the weather up there is unbelievable...

    Hope you continue to feel better.

    Thanks SO much for this wonderful post.

  4. That is a very nice outfit by Ivanka! Hope both you and Barbara Bush will be well soon. Looking forward to watching the inauguration.

  5. I hope, it will be a good way for America and the rest of the world.
    Get well soon

  6. Fantastic Five! I couldn't agree more! We all need to unite in prayer and doing what our Nation needs, and supporting our new President! (Love Ivanka's outfit...Melania's was gorgeous today as well!) Love you. Look forward to a great year!!!!! Couldn't get on Linky this morning on Tanya's blog but will keep trying.

  7. Watched it all and am feeling really good knowing that at last there may be someone who will truly work to make this country great again. I voted for him, now pray for him, and his cabinet, to follow through on so many promises and work diligently and honestly for we the people, this beautiful USA, and the future of this world which needs help.

    Be well soon Latane - these winter bugs are really bad and take so long to get rid of.

  8. Hope you are better soon. Take care of yourself.

  9. What a shame to have returned home sick. At least you have something interesting on the telly to watch. The ceremony is big news here too, we are hoping your new President will do a good job too! And after the inauguration flick to another TV channel and find some tennis #teamUSA has been big this year Down Under! Hope you feel better soon.
    Wren x

  10. Hope your bronchitis is better soon. Not fun. Love Ivanka's outfit, too. I'm hoping for the best with our new president. If everyone would just get along in Washington they could do a lot of good.

  11. yes!! the green coat is fabulous...

    Please visit:

  12. It was a great day. I really liked Ivanka's inaugural gown as well...scrumptious. Your prayer is also mine and I am also annoyed by the hissy fits. And they wonder why we went in a different direction. That's part of it. It is always good to be home.

  13. Glad you're getting better, bronchitis always wants to linger. I'm hoping he's surrounded himself with knowledgable people and that all goes well.

  14. I join you in those prayers! I've even been teaching the quads to pray daily for President Trump.....

  15. Oh I hate to hear that you still aren't feeling that well...I hope you have improved over the week! I agree with 5 and pray that everyone just comes together and give him a chance because all this fighting isn't helping anyone 😢 thank you for linking Latane!


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