Tuesday, March 21, 2017


When our group from my apartment complex went out to lunch not long ago I was drawn to this odd piece of machinery which was sitting on the sidewalk outside the restaurant. I have no idea what it is or what it was used for. Do any of you?

Joining in Tuesday's Treasures

This is a shot of the long 'handle' or 'tongue' or whatever it's called. 


  1. ...well Latane, your rusty whatyoumacallit looks like a trailer that needs a wheel alinement. May I ask what kind of restaurant had this treasure out front? And here I thought that I went to some weird places. Thanks for sharing, what might you find next!

    1. It was an 'East' Indian restaurant, Tom. Doesn't look like something they would use!!

  2. It looks like some weird overgrown insect! Maybe the people who own the restaurant could fill you in on exactly what it is. We got our yesterday, a beautiful drive to Prineville to a gun store Russell had been wanting to visit. Really liked Prineville...beautiful park in town. I didn't take pictures in town much. I don't know why but I was so COLD yesterday and didn't get out of the car unless I had to. Beautiful pastures, fields and farm buildings all along the trip. That barn I posted...I thought it said Wrangler at first too but it's Wangler, so I think it must be their name. Was a fun find.

  3. Whatever that thing is, it looks interesting and old as in prehistoric. ☺️

  4. Now I'm curious to know what it was used for! Those wheels are very rickety!

  5. i have no idea but i would have photographed it as well. hehehe, us bloggers, cut from the same cloth!!!

  6. Ha! It looks like some sort of stone launcher that would have been found outside a castle somewhere. :)

    I just read your about me and left you a comment.

  7. I find things like this intriguing, too, even if I have no idea what it is!

  8. Medevial torture device?? ha ha LOL

  9. Some kind of trailer, but very, very old.

  10. I don't know, but it sure is kinda' cool!!!!!!

    It must be worth something, or it wouldn't be displayed.

    But then, if it's worth something, why would it be left right out in the open?

    Did you ask inside?????

    Luna Crone


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