Monday, June 12, 2017

In It's Heyday

Life is full of it's trials. I guess that is what makes the good worthwhile and it certainly makes it interesting. Sort of makes you access your meddle, what you can take, what you won't take and what you do with what's dealt to you.

An update on Leslie (my companion for 5 1/2 years for you new ones).  Last week it was one horrible week. Five prodecures done, lots of pain, lots of morphine. Finally Saturday he was moved to rehab to start the long road back to being well enough to start chemo and boom.... double pneumonia, and other problems and right back in the hospital. Just lots of prayer is needed.

When life was easier it was always fun to take a drive in the country. Leslie encouraged my love of photography and we'd look for barns along our journey. Lots of times we would never see a one but then he'd point out one, slow down so I could snap away. I miss that.

This one is on Hwy. 32 headed from Suffolk, Va. to Edenton, N. C. I am assuming it was a barn. Has all the appearances of it. It's right beside the highway. 

                               And, it has met it's heyday. Get it.... HAY DAY. hehe 

I'm joining with Barn Collective. Thanks, Tom for being it's host.


  1. Such a rough go of things for you both. Hard to be the one struggling and just as challenging to watch the struggle. Saying a prayer for healing and comfort. Sometimes the driver has as much of a photographer's eye as the one holding the camera.

  2. My thoughts and prayers are with your dear Leslie. So sorry he is now also having to deal with pneumonia - never a good thing. Hopefully he is getting the best care and will soon be over this setback and able to continue with his treatment. Please tell him people he doesn't even know are pulling for him and sending get well wishes.

    You stay well Latane - he will need you at his side, and hopefully you two will be out driving on sunny days ahead looking for barns in the not too distant future!
    Hugs - Mary

  3. Praying for Leslie and for you.

  4. Oh sorry about Leslie's setback! Am keeping you both in prayer! Loved the barn. I have to get out and get some more barn photos now that I have my new battery for the camera!

  5. I did not know about Leslie at all...I am so sorry he has had a setback....I know what you mean about missing things. I have Roger, but a lot of times he does not want to even go for a drive. But I do have fun looking back at photos and remembering the fun we have had getting them. Like this barn of yours...I sometimes feel like I have seen my hey day!

  6. Praying for you both and sending you a hug. Great barn.

  7. My thoughts and prayers are with you and Leslie.
    Lovely to see your barn photograph.

    All the best Jan

  8. ...first off, my prayers are for you and Leslie. It sure looks like a barn to me, it's just missing a piece here and there. I hope that you pass a few mores barn your way.

  9. I am so sorry and have said a prayer for Leslie and you.
    Looks like a barn to me too and a great picture at that.

  10. A beautiful old barn, I'm sure it has served it's purpose well throughout the years.
    Sending healing wishes your way for Leslie, I hope the coming days will be less pain free, and healing is just around the corner.

  11. Hi Latane, I'm so glad you dropped by my blog again. I'm sorry to hear things are not going well for your dear friend. I will definitely pray for his healing.
    Like you I like to find old barns and houses. If only they could tell us their stories.
    If only I could send you a scone I'd do just that!!

  12. I didn't know Leslie was sick....I am so hoping for his healing and for him to be feeling much much better real soon! Please keep us posted, okay? Gentle hugs coming your way my friend!

  13. Hm, I wonder why there are so many old ane worn out barns around? It is the same in Sweden.

  14. Sorry to learn of your friend Leslie's setbacks and hope these are only temporary bumps in the road. I know you miss your road trips and it was always great to read about them. Sending get well wishes to him.


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