Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Red Geraniums

While I was moving things around on my balcony this morning I noticed how colorful even one tiny petal from my geranium was. And, there were a bunch of them on the floor! Guess it's time to dehead a couple blossoms. 

But, don't you just love geramiums. They give you such joy for such a long time and want so little from you. Just some sunshine, some water and a tad of fertilizer from time to time. 

Here, let me show you.....
                                                            Up close and personal!

                                                      Framed by my balcony railing.

                                                   They just keep blooming on and on.

                                My favorite is red, but the pink ones are awfully pretty, too.

                                                      A whole garden shop full of them!

Now, I really should go outside to the balcony and sweep up all those dropped petals. 

Maybe not!


  1. They are so strong and make it through the winters here and you don't have to give them much care at all so they have earned a place in our gardens-- I have the hot pink ones. Yours is gorgeous!!! Do you have other pots as well on your balcony?

  2. I like them a lot, too! Very hardy and forgiving!

  3. I do love them! I have grown them in the past but not there his year. Mostly I buy 'reduced for quick sale' plants at Lowes. I need to buy geraniums on purpose! I do love the photos of yours!

  4. Oh what a beautiful geranium on your balcony! And such awesome pictures of all of them. I love geraniums too. Have a pink one on the deck in a cobalt blue ceramic pot. Went to Lowe's yesterday to get more fencing, dirt, etc. Lovely post, Mom!

  5. Geraniums are lovely and so colourful.

    All the best Jan


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