Monday, July 10, 2017

Delaware Barns

We saw some nice barns while traveling through Delaware. I thought Tom might like them linked to his Barn Collective meme.

            I have seen this one for years while driving on route 301

Looks like the corn is as 'high as an elephant's eye'

You could see right through this old barn.

a barn, a silo, a shed.... I got it all framed in the car window.

This red barn was about hidden

Happy travels to all you vacationers out there.
for you stay-at-homers, have fun because you aren't out on the road.


  1. they are all so beautiful!! but i adore the first one, getting a big ole' hug from the landscape!!!

  2. ...Latane, the corn sure is tall in the 'First State.' Around here is a bit barns will start to disappear behind the corn. Thanks for stopping by!

  3. You like to travel I think! You sure capture a lot of wonderful scenes.

  4. Very nice pictures there, my friend! Really captures SUMMER and also how nice and quiet the country is!

  5. A great series of barn photos! I like the first one best. I enjoy seeing the corn growing. It is as 'high as an elephants eye' here in Mississippi, too.
    Have a wonderful week!

  6. Great pictures especially that first one. It's calendar worthy!!

  7. Nice rural scenes! I've been on 301, especially the part in Virginia near Port Royal.

  8. Lovely scenery and very pretty barns. Thank you Latane :)

  9. Some really great barns, Mom! Looks like you got to see quite a few in that countryside.


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