Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Enjoying the out-of-doors

This is the time of year when the out-of-doors just shines. Flowers are blooming, the air is warm (and sometimes too warm), children are enjoying playing, the fireflies are flitting about the yard. Just a perfect time of year.

While I am at my daughters in New York, I am enjoying her out-of-doors. I thought I'd share some pictures with you and perhaps link to Outdoor Wednesday.

A beautiful rainbow over the house

Pretty flowers in the garden

Hydrangeas thrive in this atmosphere

A black squirrel on a tree limb

A dove looking for food


a squirrel with the food he found, munching on the lawn.

We so often fail to stop and observe our surroundings. 

And, we miss so much that God's nature has to offer.


  1. Your daughter has a beautiful yard with flowers to enjoy. As long as you have your camera, Latane, you can keep yourself busy and entertained.

  2. All of these shots are wonderful...what a lovely summertime in her area of NY where you are getting to spend time. I know you have been really enjoying being there!

  3. It's so much fun to snap photos and even more fun to see what other's are snapping. You got some great shots, Latane. I especially love that rainbow...beautiful!

  4. Thanks for sharing the photos during your visit to your daughter, Latane. The rainbow was beautiful and so elusive at times.


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