Monday, July 24, 2017

Reading Rick Bragg

                                                 Have you ever heard of the author, Rick Bragg? 

                                                 Well, just let me introduce you to this writer. 

I am always proud of anyone from Alabama (my home state) who makes it good. And, Rick has done us all proud. 

That man is a real storyteller and some folks rank him right up there with Harper Lee and Eudora Welty. Now, that's mighty impressive.

I read one of his books several years ago and I was hooked, I mean big time. He writes just like you are right there, smelling the food, hearing the backdoor slam, hearing the ole hound dog howling. 

I think the first book I read was 'Ava's Man' and soon followed it with "All over But The Shouting". Just sweet, simple stories about his mama, bless her heart, who had to raise him in the poorest conditions, with no help from a no-account alcoholic father. 

Anyway, Rick grew up in the little community of Possum Trot. The stories just tug at your heartstrings, make you laugh, and shed a tear or two, as well. 

And, lo and behold, there he was, on the back page of my favorite magazine, Southern Living. Do you all have a favorite magazine, one you can't live without? It's Southern Living, for me.

Well, heck, I got off track there - sorry.

He was a newspaper reporter, worked for the New York Times but he's best at storytelling. He has received well over 50 awards including the Putlitzer Prize for Feature Writing in 1996. Get on Amazon and pick you out a book. Rick didn't put me up to that. Heaven's to Betsy, that man doesn't know I exist. But, I bet you will enjoy his writing. 


  1. I love his stories!! He has a great talent!

  2. He is very talented and I always enjoy his article in Southern Living each month.

  3. He is a wonderful writer! I hope others will familiarize themselves with his work because of your post. Nice to be reminded about a favorite!

  4. I always enjoy his stories in Southern Living. He can really tell a story. Stay cool.

  5. I first read Rick Bragg in Southern Living. I have read 'Ava's Man' and enjoyed it. And he wrote a very interesting biography of Jerry Lee Lewis (published in 2014). It was good, too.
    I am a member of book clubs at two different libraries here. In one of them we are reading 'Sycamore Row' by John Grisham.
    As hot as the weather has been, the best thing to do is stay inside and read!
    Hope you have a good day!

  6. hi latane, i am not a reader, i have memory issue and find reading to be difficult. i am happy to read that you are enjoying this author and his books. seems your followers know him well!!

    many thanks for your very kind comment on my pictures today!!!

  7. Hello Latane, thank you for introducing me to Rick. I will make sure I read one of his books because of your great review. Thank you and have a wonderful week :)

  8. Latane,

    I've spent the last several hours glued to my screen, just gulping down the pages of AVA'S MAN previewed on the Amazon sale site. I cannot believe I've not read any of his work before, and am SO grateful that you mentioned it today. I ordered four of the books, and thank you SO much for the gift of all this beautiful writing. What a treasure you've given me today!


  9. I do know who Rick Bragg is and love the things I've read by him in the back of magazines. For years I kept a newspaper picture of him and his Mom....she was quoted as saying something like 'son, no one needs to prove to me what a good man you are, I already know that'. It touched my heart. I will look for his books, thanks for posting about him. I'll look forward to reading them.


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