Thursday, July 20, 2017

The Future of Blogging

I seem to be in the mood for cleaning... well, actually it's more like organizing!! It's too late for spring cleaning so I guess I could call this 'summer sorting'. 

I've been doing a lot of it in my office but this morning I tackled my computer.... BLOGGER to be exact. 

It's just amazing how participation has dropped off (at least in my followers/followings). People aren't blogging like they used to. 

Now, I've always been picky about who I followed. I just had 101 friends in my followers list. So, I decided this morning, I'd check to see how many of those people I once was in contact with are still active!

On the design page I clicked on READING LIST. On the right side of the page it listed all the people I was following. So, one by one I click on their blog title to see how long it had been since they posted anything new. I decided that if they hadn't posted anything in 6 months, I'd delete them.  To do that, I went back to the reading list. There's a trashbin at the right and by clicking on that trashbin they were gone, one by one.

I now have 89 that is on my followers list. 

See what I mean. If you don't post, you lose. 

How long has it been since you checked your followers list? I bet you'd be surprised. 


  1. It was shocking when Blogger started dumping followers who were not a part of the Groogle + system. This was some time ago now. I refuse to be a part of that system because it is too invasive. That said, blogging does seem to be diminishing; nevertheless, I hope it's around in some form for years and years to come. I don't bother with "followers" any longer preferring my own list of friends. Happy Blogging, Latane!

  2. I agree with Vee and hope blogging is around for a long time. I don't do Instagram which many have gone to. It's been a hit and miss with me lately on posting and commenting and I've even contemplated giving it up, because I feel guilty when I get really busy and don't have time for the commenting. It is time consuming, but I hope to get back in the groove some time! I lost many off my sidebar when Groogle (as Vee says) messed around with it. I'm still finding and adding folks back. That is what I go by and I really need to check my followers list in my Dashboard. I rarely think to do that. Have a nice day! And thanks for the blogging advice!

  3. Summer is always such a busy time. Life seems busy anymore. I always try to blog at least once a week but I don't always get around to comment on other blogs because of time or work restrictions. Keep on blogging Latane

  4. I can't recall ever checking the list, something to do when I have the time. I do know that a lot of people I followed when I first started blogging are no longer around favouring Instagram but I am not really a fan of that.

  5. You're going to laugh. It has not been that long ago...but I don't remember if I finished th job or not. Whether I did or not, there would be some I just wouldn't delete because I really liked them...I really do miss some of the bloggers. Some have health issues, and I still find it hard to believe that E.G. Camera Girl is no longer with us.

  6. Latane, I have read your blog regularly and joined as a follower. I used to contribute to the book review blog with you. I notice that you don't carry my blog on your blog list so I guess that means you don't read my blog. I haven't paid attention to who is a follower of my blog because through the years most of them have dropped out.

  7. I was looking at the list the past week or so and was surprised by the number who I hadn't seen post in awhile. I'm not blogging as often, either, too many other things to do right now.


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