Tuesday, August 22, 2017

The Eclipse

Did anyone see some portion of the eclipse yesterday? Everyone in the U. S. should have seen a bit of it. I didn't get glasses, wasn't going to watch. Thought I'd just enjoy it getting dark but in my neck of the woods it only got a weird glow. I went out in my walkway in front of my apartment, sheltered by an overhang and without looking, just pointed my regular camera skyward and started shooting.

Sure, I got lots of  sky. hehe.

 But, I did get these... 

and then a neighbor came by and I took a peek at the sun through her glasses. 

It was quite the event, especially for those in the highest percentage of total or near total eclipse. I had one child in total eclipse and one in over 95 percent. We were around 87%. 

For one whole day, there was no fb posting of political nature, no news of rioting and disturbance. It was REALLY COOL.  Like FB should be and isn't anymore.


  1. Well that was a nice outcome of the eclipse! Hadn't heard that one. You were brave getting pics, too. I just tried not to look (and I didn't).

  2. You ought to link this to Tuesday's Treasures! Glad you did an eclipse post. I think your photos turned out great! Yep, fb was a breath of fresh air yesterday! :-)

  3. Amazing even to see an eclipse at 87% or so as I would love to experience this!

  4. I just watched the eclipse on TV!
    So nice to see your photographs.

    All the best Jan

  5. We enjoyed the eclipse here in KY. Something interesting to experience, for sure!

  6. You were brave getting pics, too. I just tried not to look (and I didn't).


  7. yes, we did see a bit of the eclipse in Williamstown, MA, where we were visiting a museum. A couple lent us their glasses so we could have a look and what w saw was amazing.


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