Friday, September 8, 2017

Building A Deck

1. Today is my son's birthday. He lives in Alabama so I (along with my dau. Shirley and son-in-law, John) came down to help him celebrate. 

2. He needed a new deck. Since John is a master at carpentry, he and Michael tackled the job.

3. First some rose bushes have to be pulled out of the ground. This deck will be larger than the previous one.

4.Busy at work

5. Surveying the new bench at one end of the deck. 

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  1. A NEW Deck - built by people who love one another . . . now, That's a Blessing!

  2. Hi Latane :) That is a nice deck! What a great skill to have. I would love to extend our little porch to a big deck but we're renting right now. One day though I have dreams of a big screened in porch like that one! :)

  3. A wonderful project - a blessing for years to come.
    Happy Birthday to your son!
    I see your glasses say 'The best food in Colbert County.' Where were you eating? Will it be an Out To Lunch post?
    We have friends who live in Florence, AL
    Have a beautiful week-end!

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Whoops, told you the wrong one... but here it the correct place. It's a place called the Rocking Chair not too far from Spring Park in Tuscumbia.

    3. I have never eat at the Rocking Chair, but I know where it is.
      Have you heard of the Rattlesnake Saloon? The restaurant is in a cave! It is out in the county, Hwy 72 West from Tuscumbia, turn south before you get to Cherokee. It is an adventure! Your son has probably been there. The Saloon Taxi from the parking lot down to the cave is a pick-up truck with seats in the back, but I am sure they would let you ride up front with the driver. (You can look it up on the Internet).
      I hope you are having a very enjoyable trip!

  4. Wonderful job! My sweet "little brother!" Happy Birthday! So glad you all were able to go be with him today!

  5. What a great idea to build a deck for a birthday gift. Something that was needed and actually wanted. It seems to have been done very quickly too!!

  6. Hi Latane, a great looking deck. Happy birthday to your son.

  7. Birthday wishes to your son, Latane, and what a wonderful birthday gift his family is working on.

  8. One day though I have dreams of a big screened in porch like that one! :)



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