Friday, November 17, 2017

Waning Fall

Fall is trying very hard to leave us. When it does, it will be cold, cold, cold. I dread that very much. How about you? When the bones get old, they get cold. He he. I made a rhyme! 

It's Friday so time for Willy Nilly Friday and Five On Friday. Since Fall is on my mind I thought this would be a good time to put some of my last pictures relating to Fall on this post. 

1. I love Mums in the Fall, and pumpkins. So this display really caught my eye. It was at the Peaks of Otter lodge in Virginia. 

2. I remember eating persimmons when I was a little bitty thing. But, you have to wait til the frost touched them or they were bitter. These are tame persimmons and there are 2 or 3 trees of them by the side of the road not far from where I live. No one ever seems to bother them. Maybe they don't know what they are. 

3. Spiderwebs are fun to see. This one is small. But, just look at what the spider attached it's web to. Clothespins on a clothes line. How ingenious is that!

4. More pumpkins along with some gourds and corn in this cutest little homemade wagon. So fallish.

5. Dew in the early morning. 

I have opened up a new blog site justfor my art work. My daughter Marie is going to join me there, as well. I hope you will hop over to Palette and Paint and see what we are up to. 


  1. A great series of photos!
    Love the cute little wagon with its colorful contents
    Beautiful photo of the Persimmons
    Have a wonderful week-end!

  2. Wonderful photos, Latane. I also remember those astringent persimmons.

  3. dew have some neat things today.

  4. Such wonderful photos, Mom! Love the spider's web on the clothespins! That sweet morning dew is awesome too...and love the Fall decorations so much!

  5. What a fun post! A little bit of everything. Love the spider web and the beautiful mums. Have a fun filled weekend!

  6. Really love the photo of the spiderweb between the clothespins as well as the accompanying poem. Not sure I've ever tried a persimmon. Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  7. Beautiful photos that warm me up :) As I get older, I really can't handle the cold anymore, no matter how well I dress myself. I'd rather hibernate!

  8. Inspiring Fall decorations! Someday I will try a Persimmon....that tree full of them is amazing.

  9. very lovely pictures...

    Please visit:

  10. What a bounty of persimmons - do you plan to harvest any after the frost? Spider webs have always fascinated me and takes me back to one of my favorite books - Charlotte's Web. Stay cozy!

  11. Love that the spiderweb was attached to clothespins....I love fall colors/decorations, too.

  12. Fabulous fall shots! The autumn scenes are great and the spiderwebs are simple wonderful to see! You did a great job getting them so well.


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