Friday, April 13, 2018

Five For Thought

                                                              This is going to be a different kind of FIVE for me this morning. 

I don't know about  you but I find that I have favorite blogs to look at and I have some I just can't get 'in to', if you know what I mean.

One day I ran across a pin on pinterest  on 'Why I would Read Your Blog'. It pretty much 'hit the nail on the head' for me and I wanted to share it. 

1. First impressions are so important. I can tell the minute I open a blog if I want to spend my time reading it.  It's important to keep your background light. So easy on the eyes and makes your posts just POP.

2. Get rid of pop-up ads. Personally, I can't stand those ads. You got a blog site for free, why subject your viewers to annoying ads?  Again, personally, I usually don't look at blogs with ads.

3. I don't like little-bitty pictures that you have to click on to get large enough to see. I don't like a blog who's owner hasn't spent time setting it up properly (the pictures overlap the sidebar or the header is way too little for the entire blog or one who never changes anything so you pretty much know what you'll get each and every time you see it. Life shouldn't be mundane, neither should blogs!! 

4. Let your personality shine. Now, true, some of us don't have a very interesting personality, we don't have great writing skills etc. but let the person reading your blog get to know YOU. Write that post just like you are talking to your best friend.

5. Blogs that are line after line, paragraph after paragraph filling up the entire screen with words is a no-no. Break up your words, catch the readers eye with graphics, pictures, different positions of your words on the page. Make it interesting. 

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  1. Great advice for bloggers!
    Have a great day!

  2. Another item that turns me off to blogs is the intimate details of their life. They should be in a forum if they want to share that day after day. For my part I try to limit the words, make the photos of good size and hope I'm of interest to someone.

  3. Very interesting. I try to keep my blog looking as nice as possible. It's good to know what people like or don't like when viewing a person's blog.

  4. Interesting to read.
    We all have our own particular favourites ...

    All the best Jan

  5. This is excellent! All very good advice!

  6. Great advice! It is nice to get some 'feedback' even if this wasn't directed at anyone in particular!

  7. Oh, I hate pop-up ads! Have a nice weekend.

  8. is mine?
    ...I agree. eyesight isn't good enough for little-bitty pictures.
    ...well mine does!
    ...I'm not a wordy guy.

  9. Sounds like good rules to me. Practical and easy!

  10. Easy to follow, good advice. Pop-up ads annoy us all, I think. I especially get aggravated and leave if I have to navigate through pop-up ads to start reading a blog.


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