Thursday, April 19, 2018


I am on a path seeking a calmer, more serene life. I am making this last decade the best ever. So, I am more aware of my surroundings, more atune to living life to the fullest, more thankful for each and every thing that comes my way to enhance my days.  

Thank you Thankful Thursday and Little Things for giving me (and others) a place to express our thankfulness.

I am so thankful for the beauty of springtime.

A nice place to have a quiet lunch by myself or with friends

And, a road to travel through this life. 


  1. This is a wise approach no matter the season. Spring is looking fine in your corner!

  2. That’s lovely Latane! And I mean your words as well as your pictures. Thank you.

  3. Lovely blossoms. We enjoy Ruby Tuesdays as well.

  4. Well said, Latane!! After some problems in life, I found that focusing on thankfulness helped me a lot. Some days it is hard, but worth the effort. Thank you for linking up today.

  5. I missed this post during my blog break! Gorgeous!!!!


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