Friday, July 20, 2018

Food, Flowers and Fun

Why is it that I forget to make pictures of things I do lately and then I don't have them  to share with all of you? DUH, double DUH.... 

1. No picture... but I did call bingo last night for our residents game night. It sure is different being on that side of the cards!! I got some compliments on my calling so I guess I didn't mess up too badly.

2. Yesterday I received my first order of organic salad ingredients from a hydroponic farm here in Suffolk. I can't wait to make me a salad out of it....

The goat cheese was not grown in water.. hehe. The farm hooks up with a dairy here for that ingredient and those handsome, large avocados are shipped from an organic farm in California. Two kinds of greens (arugula and meslum) and the cucumbers are the Italian variety, just the right side for someone cooking for one.

3. I have a new outfit. I do have a closet full of tops and bottoms but nothing ever seems to match. So it was time to get a matching outfit. I can't wait to wear it somewhere!!

4. Recently, my sister who is 93 and lives in Alabama, had some special visitors... her grandson and his wife and children. Because they have lived so far apart she had never seen his family. It was such a treat for her. I borrowed this photo off facebook that Sis' granddaughter-in-law posted. 

5. We have beautiful flowers in the courtyard here at the apartments. And, I am doubly happy that a landscaping company keeps them looking great and changes them out when needed. A real plus for apartment living. 

Have a great weekend. And, be sure to check out Willy Nilly Friday Five for more interesting and fun posts. 


  1. I do love food, and your salad fixings look delicious! Pretty clothes! Lovely family photo, and your apartment building looks very nice with all the flowers around it.
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. Latane, Great photos. So happy for your sister to finally get to see here great grandkids. Wonderful. Like the new outfit yours. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

  3. How nice your sister got to see her family. Love the flowers. I liked apartment living. No mowing the lawn and weeding flower beds. That will be one tasty salad. Have a great weekend.

  4. You must have amazing genes in your family dear - your 94 y.o. sister looks fabulous - as do you always!!!
    Like your new outfit - I've been trying to put together complimenting tops and bottoms to hang ready to grab from the closet - just have far too many odd tops!

    Have a bright and beautiful weekend among the flowers. Salads daily here too while the produce is fresh and local.

    1. Sorry - meant to say 93 - which is still wonderful!

  5. glad the bingo calling went well! Love that new outfit. The colors are lovely! Your new delivery of salad stuff looks so yummy, and oh how healthy!!!! Glad you can get that now. LOVE that photo of Aunt Lois and her grands and great-grands! What a special visit! I'm so glad she got to see them! And some gorgeous are right, they do keep the grounds up beautifully there. It's such a pleasant place. (Except at 4 am, right? :-) )

  6. How wonderful that your sister finally got to meet her grandchildren, it must have been a very special visit with treasured memories for all.

  7. Bingo is fun although it's been years since I've played. - Your new outfit is really pretty. How neat that your family had a chance to meet and visit. Love the pretty Vinca outside your apartment. Never heard of that type of a farm but I hope the salad fixings tastes as good as they looked.

  8. Your new outfit is really nice. You know we’ll want to see you wearing it. Your sister must have been so thrilled to see her grandson and meet his family...all those beautiful greats... She is a very pretty lady!

  9. Happens to me all the time too, Latane, that I forget to take a photo of something to share. Your new outfit is lovely and coordinated and you can most likely mix and match with other tops and pants. Nice photo of your sister and family too. And flowers are lovely and even more so when no maintenance on your part is needed.

  10. Lovely salad ingredients.
    Lovely flowers too.
    Great family photograph.

    All the best Jan

  11. I adore your outfit! Great colours. What a lovely complex.
    We've finally had rain. I am so relieved.


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