Tuesday, July 17, 2018

What a Day Yesterday Was!

What a day yesterday was. 

The fire alarm at the apartments went off at 4 a.m.  We are so used to it happening that no one gets excited. We go outside, in our jammies, or sometimes we grab a robe, check out the situation. We loiter about the railings on each floor. I'm on third.  

Finally the fire department comes and fixed the problem and the alarm goes off. They are so used to coming, they are in no hurry. They must hate it to have to get out every time something triggers that alarm. And, it's usually in the middle of the night! 

I couldn't go back to sleep!! Well, sure, why not. So I lay in bed and read awhile on my Kindle. Then I dozed. When I woke back up, I was a groggy mess. So, I picked up my Kindle. Maybe I'd read again. But, the thing was dead as a door nail!! No idea why.

I had some girlfriends coming over last night. Around four I dragged my groggy self into the kitchen to make some lemonade. And, discovered my sink had sprung a leak!! Water underneath so I had to drag out all the bottles of stuff (you know what all you hide under there) Called maintenance, a washer was replaced and I cleaned up the mess. 

Then I put some pastries I'd made into the oven, set the timer and sat down to wait for my guests. And, the durn pastries burned on the bottom. The stoves in these apartments don't work correctly. But, staff always has an excuse for not fixing that problem. 

Yep, it was one heck of a day. But, the visit with my friends was good. 

I got a good night's sleep and I am headed into what I hope is a better day today. 


  1. It doesn't take long to realize the importance of proper rest. Glad all turned out well and life goes on.

  2. well, today is another day at least you had a god visit, thats all that matters

  3. Love the cartoons! So funny, both of them!
    Some days you have to laugh to keep from crying
    Hope today is wonderful!

  4. Good grief! Some days are aggravating and you sure had one! Your day and mine reminds me of an old John Denver song - Some Days are Diamonds, Some Days are Stones. When I think of that song I can’t help but add - and some days are just plain old hard rocks! Thank the Lord days like that are not the every day! Here’s wishing you a perfectly lovely Tuesday! And thank you for your kind words on the blog this morning. They mean a lot to me.....

  5. Days that go all wonky drive me bonkers. They do remind me that I am not in charge. That is a fun graphic!

  6. What a day! I do hope the next one was better and you caught up on your rest. I love the drawing of the dancing ladies in their pjs.

  7. I just love those'normal' days!

  8. What a rotten day! You know, if you ever DID have a fire, the place might b8urn down before the fire department thought the alarm was real and got there! Not good that thing keeps going off for no reason!


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