Saturday, May 14, 2011

A Trip to the Seashore

What better way to relax from life's many stresses than an escape to the beach. There were four generations of us in my car driving south... toward sand and the sound of the surf crashing on the shore.

Yep, four generations... me   and daughter Shirley  and granddaughter Brittany  and greatgrandson Dylan. What a blast we had.

Gigi playing on the bed with Dylan

Dinner at the Black Pelican

Me diving into my scallops St. Jacque... so good.

The decor was so pretty.

And, we shopped until we dropped. I got two new dresses and two new tops. Can't wait to wear them. Thanks to my children .... this was a wonderful Mother's Day present.


  1. What a wonderful Mother's Day treat.....sounds like so much fun and delicious too. So glad you had this time together with your family!

    I'd love to hear some beach sounds right now.... and eat some delicious seafood!

  2. How wonderful! I bet you had a ball! You are blessed.

  3. Ho totally FUN! I Love beach trips!
    Glad you got all that sweet time with the family!!


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