Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Time on My Hands?

Okay, I am evidently giving you girls the idea I am sitting around the house with time on my hands!! NOT

It's true that things have changed since I lost Elbert and I am having a pretty good struggle dealing with all of that. But, if I'd just quit complaining and finish all the irons I have in the fire I'd be fine.

First of all, I live in a big house all by myself. I am not so much a messy person as I am a creater. I get all these projects started and leave them out and the first thing you know I have every room in the house waiting on a cleaning job.

I have always loved doing things with my hands. Over the years I've had tons of hobbies (maybe I'll tell you about some of them one of these days). At present I am 'into' making quilts, writing, photography, scrapbooking, reading .... shall I go on?

I just feel restless, like I can't concentrate on any one thing for very long but I am working on that, really I am.

Let's take the quilting. I started quilting back in the '70s. I've never counted up how many quilting projects I've done but right now I am finding the quilting such a slow process. The older I get the slower I go.... to see my quilting blog go to

I have always had an interest in writing. Wrote my first short story in the 8th grade. In the '90s I wrote a book about the history of the community in which we lived and got it published. Back in 2006, on a trip with my daughter Marie and hubby Elbert the idea for a novel came to me while I was lying awake in a motel. We were on a trip and I could not sleep. I worked diligently at it for about 2 years and Elbert got so bad I put it aside. It is staring me in the face right now yelling 'finish me'!!!!

I started scrapbooking back in 1998 and have completed over 15 scrapbooks for myself plus ones I have given the children. I have a ton of supplies and pictures to put into books. That needs to be done. And, I will.... maybe next week.

For Christmas 2005 I was given a digital camera. UH OH..... that gift created a whole new outlook on my picture-taking. And, I am learning more and more about composition, lighting, etc. I go out often and find things to take pictures of. That's why I want to take a trip.... new material for my camera.

And, reading. I have always read alot and so far this year have read 23 books. That fills my long evenings. The 'already read' list is on the sidebar if you want to check it out.

The computer. Don't even go there!! I do my genealogy on the computer. Been at that well over 30 years and it's an obsession. Everytime I think I have found everyone in my line.... up pops somebody else.

Blogging. My goodness. That's another obsession. I try to take some time every day or so to compile posts for my two blogs. I love my blogging friends and that brightens my days.

So, see, I am not idle by any means. Maybe it's just because so much of what I do is done alone. There is no one to talk to. I could talk to myself.  Don't tell anybody, but I do.  


  1. I love that you have many interests. The same with me. I only can concentrate on one thing at a time though. You are really doing well, losing a hubby is monumental grief I'm sure. We had a teenage daughter pass on and it took me 7 years to really get back to everyday life as it was before she became ill. Reading was a real help to me...I can remember laughing at the 'Little Britches' books by Ralph Moody ...yet wondering how I could laugh! I'm glad for those laughs....we need to be busy and find lots of enjoyment here yet. Our loved ones have joy unimaginable with Jesus. Feel free to delete this post if you'd is on the personal side.

    Talking to oneself proves we are still And sane! That is a nice picture of you at your pc. You look so relaxed. and why not? Blogging is so very enjoyable! I too love it. Time hog that it is! Hope you have a sweet & peaceful evening. I'll go have a quick look at your reading list.

  2. I too enjoyed 'Understood Betsy'. Have you ever read 'Miss Willie' by Janice Holt Giles? I don't like some of the other books she wrote but oh boy this one I loved. Felt like I was right there.

  3. The Bennie said I live eat and sleep with the dead, like you genealogy is why I drag him all over to cemeterys and stay on the computer so much--that and blogging(love it).
    I hope you finish your book, and by the way---
    I talk to self and we very seldom disagree.

  4. Well it sounds like you have tons to do! And YES! Finish that Book! Bet it's good!
    A friend of ours is going through the same "lonely" thing...lost his wife about a year ago. Next thing we knew he went out and got himself a Chihuahua...Hahaaa...He loves it! Said it was a LOT better than a new woman...Hahaaa...
    I'll be praying that that feeling gets completion for you sweet friend...

  5. Your missing Elbert, and going through the long adjustment. I'm so glad you have so many hobbies and interest....that helps, but none of those hobbies can talk or listen....(except for your blog buddies)...

    I vote you take that trip and get away for awhile.
    Blessings and hugs from me to you!

  6. I love hearing about all your hobbies! It is good to keep busy and you are one busy lady!!!!

  7. Hi Latane,having so many hobbies means you won't get bored with any one as you can put it down and pick up something else.
    I hope you finish your book as your style of writing through your blog is funny & has so much insight.
    Take your camera to Nebraska please so we can see it through your eyes.

  8. Latane, at such a time as now in your recent widowhood, as I am sure in the past, your varied and creative interests are truly a life-saver. I speak from a place of knowledge because we just got back from NW Ohio where we spent four days with my mother-in-law, who like you lost her husband this past January. They were married 62 years and although they were of course different in personality, you truly couldn't tell where one left off and the other began. This is giving her trouble now. She is depressed and has lost 15 pounds ... and unlike me, she could not really afford to lose 15 pounds. She seems to be grieving in a way that isn't healthy, but then I'm no expert. I just know she needs to find something -- or things -- to fill her time and get her mind off the loss of Dad. She has a computer but unfortunately has a mental block about doing all that much on it besides answering a few emails and looking at facebook, so blogging is out of the question. She is a powerhouse of a seamstress and has virtually sewed her way through life, making everything from highly-tailored clothing to little craft projects. But she's 85 years old and I don't know how much longer she'll be able to reasonably spend in her basement sewing room. We're all very concerned that she get on an even keel soon, especially before the potentially brutal NW Ohio winter sets in. I appreciate your prayers for her. Her name is Dolly Weber. I know the Lord is undertaking for her as she is his child, but this is proving to be an exceptionally difficult time. So God bless you as you cope, and I surely would encourage you to finish that novel! I would like to read it.

  9. HI, Enjoy your post,I talk to myself lol. It's been hard to reajust. Life go's on as they say.


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