Monday, August 29, 2011


Irene decided to pay southeast Virginia a call on Saturday afternoon. No one invited her to stick around.. (in fact, she wasn't invited in the first place). She was an unwanted guest but sometimes those unwanted guests are the hardest to get rid of and they are so annoying!!

the house across the street

I want you to know that I am fine, nothing damaged at my house except for the little limbs and leaves and stuff all over my yard. I did have a dead limb hit the side of my bedroom wall sometime in the night Saturday night and it scared the beegeebees out of me. I jumped out of bed, peered out the window and I tell you.... it was one pitch black hole I was looking at... couldn't see a thing. So, I crawled back in bed. Next morning I sheepishly picked up a very small limb, the terrible culprit of the night before... well, it sounded big.

Hurricanes are interesting critters. You never know what to expect. Will they follow a path to your door? Will they veer out to sea, weaken to a whimpering little wind, or will they knock you on your heels? Oh, I am sounding like some sort of expert, am I not? he he.... To tell you the truth this was the first hurricane I've been in since Elbert and I lived in the panhandle of Florida with our baby daughter... way back in 1954 I think it was and that one was not bad at all.

The electricity came back on today. Not bad for the amount of trees and power lines down. I expected it to be much longer but I am not complaining to anyone about anything. We have so much to be thankful for.

thanks to CBS channel 6 for this photo

Speaking of thanks... I don't know what I would do without my kiddies next door. John, the son-in-law, hooked me right up to their generator so I could keep my food cold/and or frozen. I also had one lamp to use and a small fan.
 I had plenty of food to munch on and also got invited to their house for lunch after the rain had stopped.

You know, it's not bad, getting back to the basics of life. That is, if it doesn't last too long. Cold showers are getting old and I sure need to wash my hair. I missed the computer because that's how I keep up with all of you. The television... that's on the fence.... it's summertime, not much going on in the way of good programming but it's a darn good thing Irene came to visit this weekend 'cause Alabama football starts next weekend and I'd have had a huge fight with Irene if she messed that up for me.


  1. Lantane..this is a very entertaining post! But then always keep us interested! I am so glad you and your family are okay. I was thinking of you.


  2. I'm relieved to learn you weathered the storm well, Latane. I know what you mean by wee things sounding like big ones when they hit your house ... especially when you're alone. Let's hope that's the last scary-stormy experience for a good while!

  3. Glad you "weathered" the storm well! Really great post...oh, that fall football schedule! I know where to find you for about three months! :-)

  4. happy you're OK and had minimal damage at your home!

  5. Glad you came through okay! Love that little fan!

  6. You were sure in my thoughts and prayers last weekend, I even looked on the Google map to see how far you were from the coast. It was so good to hear that your area weathered the storm.
    It's so sad about all the flooding in New Jersey....


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