Monday, October 10, 2011

Gee Whiz.... it's 'G' day

There's been a lot of Gs in our life... A lot we exclaimed 'Gee' over and a lot we yelled 'Gee, NO' to. But, the best ones have involved family and fun. Here are a few 'G's.

                                G stands for 'Grab Hold'. and don't let go....

Our youngest grandson grabbing hold of his Grandpa's finger.

          G stands for Gull                                                                                                                
A gull soaring high over the ocean. With Elbert in the Navy we've seen a lot of gulls!!

    G stands for go-cart                                                                                                                   
Ken, one of our grandsons, riding in a go-cart.

G stands for Golden Anniversary                                                                                               
Pictures of our life together filled one side of the banquet hall where we celebrated our 50th wedding anniversary.

G stands for graduate                                                                                                                     
Later in life.... a diploma from Beleview College, Neb. for our son

G stands for Grand                                                                                                                     
Canyon, that is.. a trip there in 1980. It's one heck of a big ditch!!!

G stands for Grouse                                                                                                                      
The family had gathered for our daughters wedding in Vermont and this grouse DID NOT want us there.


  1. Very nice assortment for G day! Can't imagine the grouse not being afraid of you. They always run away from me before I can get a picture!

  2. Great G's Mom! G is also for Great pictures! Love you lots!


  3. Love your G's!!! AND all the poses!

  4. G-REAT pictures, Latane. Love the anniversary ones.

  5. "G" is also for "great". :-) Love the photos of your handsome and happy family.

    Oh! Already have some "H"s!!



  6. I love your 'G' memories and pictures...great photos.

  7. What Great memories of all things 'G' - I love this idea!



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