Wednesday, October 12, 2011

I'm Sorry, Sort of

One day when I was telling my youngest daughter about what I was reading on my Kindle she complained 'You are the reason the bookstores are all closing down'...

Excuse me!! Okay, I'll say I'm sorry, sort of.

I've been reading books since I was knee-high to a grasshopper. When I was in grammar school (yes, they called it grammar school back then, you know,  a hundred years ago or so) I had to walk one block to the library after school was out. Mom worked and it was my aunts job to pick me up and take me home. So, I read and read and read as I waited.

Before I was school age, Mom worked at the library during WPA days. Mom repaired much used books with torn pages, pencil marks etc. When the books could not be repaired she bought them home to me. There weren't many but I still have three or four.

My aunt was a school teacher and she encouraged my reading by buying me a book or two. Remember, this was during hard times the Great Depression and money was very tight. I still have this book that she gave me.

Look at the spine on that book.... much loved, that's for sure. I have read it to my children, grandchildren and great grands.  The pages are so adorable.

As my children were growing up I did not read quite as much for myself. I was busy reading to them... Then they were grown and I started going back to the library. There's something about a library that I haven't quite figured out. I love to go. I will pick out a book or two to read. But, I have the hardest time taking a book BACK to the library. It's always overdue!! And, I find that I did not read many in a years time. Perhaps, sub-consciously I wanted to keep them for my own.

So, last Christmas my son gave me a Kindle.

I'll have you know that I have read 49 books since the holidays and all types, all the way from  'Alice in Wonderland' to 'The Life and Letters of Robert Browning' to the latest 'Bonhoeffer, Patriot, Marytr, Spy'  (a pastor who was in on the conspiracy to kill Hilter). That's a pretty board range of subjects. I just started 'the Lemon Tree' last night about Israel, Palestine and the problems between Jews and Arabs.

Yeah, I know the bookstores are closing and I am sad about that. So many people depend on them for good reading (and some not so good reading) but for me, my horizons have broadened tremendously since last Christmas when I found a Kindle under the tree.  Another gift was a gold make-up bag (from Susan) and that Kindle fit right in. I'm sure Susan had no idea that is what I would use it for. hehe.

I can adjust the font size to whatever is easiest on my eyes.

And, I play word games on it, too.                   

 I've never paid over $5 for any book I've read. Most are free or just 99 cents. (From  Cheap education, So, I'll say that I'm sorry, Susan, that the bookstores are going out of business but your Mom is having a blast with her Kindle. Thanks, Michael.


  1. Hahaaa....I have a Kindel as well AND an IPad on which I get IBooks. Love them!

  2. Oh Latane.....Your posts are sooo good! Your Raggedy Ann book brings back such great memories of the books I have kept...(now where are they?) I would love to have a Kindle. Anyways, enjoy reading!


  3. One of our big book stores closed last week. I hate it ,but I do love my e-reader and all the books I get from the library. You need a blog or a side bar so we can see the books you read. I did one
    That is the hay going to Texas not me lol.

  4. How funny! I love this post! I know how much the Kindle has meant to you, so I haven't really put my two-cents worth in, but you know I am like Susan instead of Michael because I collect more books than a normal person could ever imagine and have no room to store them! Maybe I should get a Kindle, but I just can't do it. Those books are one of the reasons my move was so HARD! Boxes and boxes of books. The guys who help out usually grumble and groan to no end! :-) But, I can't help it! To each his own...right? :-)

  5. I wouldn't trade my Kindle or I Pad ........ I love both of them so much!!!

    I feel like you, I'm sorry about the book stores closing, but ..... I still love my Kindle.... I love reading books and also playing the word games. The convenience and price of the books.... Yea!!!

  6. I'm a page turner, literally, and will never trade the real thing for a Kindle. I have an iPad but have never read a book on it either. I love to hold a real book, tuck a pretty bookmark (many were gifts from creative friends) between the pages before turning out the light. When done I often share good ones with friends, or some special favorites sit on the shelf because some day I may just want to pick them up and turn those pages again.

    As for the big box book stores, sad many have closed, but my faves are the quirky independent shops where service is friendly and helpful, and great authors often make appearances.

    Love your cover though - what a good idea.

    Happy reading one and all, no matter how you choose to do it. Just do it, nothing beats a great story!


  7. I LOVE my Kindle. My husband surprised me with it and think it's the best. Besides you can't beat the price of a good book - $5.00.
    Enjoy and read on.

  8. Oh how I loved the Johnny Gruelle Raggedy Ann books. I remember puzzling over how to pronounce the author's last name.

    My husband and daughters all have Kindles. I still am a paper gal. I'm not sure what the future of our bookstores will be, but once upon a time people worried about the future of horse drawn carriages, too.

    Time moves on, sadly -- because I HATE CHANGE! No, really, I do -- but I have to deal with it, don't I?

    Enjoy your Kindle. AND go buy a book now and then!


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