Monday, November 14, 2011

Ls in my life.

L stands for Lake

Lake Sylvan was created in 1881 when a dam was built across Sunday Gulch in the Custer State Park in South Dakota.

L stands for Lighthouse

The Sankaty Lighthouse in Nantucket went into service in 1850. If you look closely you will see me, Elbert and granddaughter Brittany standing in front of it.

L stands for Limousine

Daughter Susan entering the limousine at her wedding in Vermont.

L stands for Lions Club

Hubby Elbert was a member of the Boldo, Alabama Lions Club for several years. These are his Lions Club hats

L stands for Little Jerusalem

The real name of this site is Ave Maria Grotto and is located at St. Bernard College in Cullman, Alabama. The 125 replicas of shrines from over the world was built by Brother Joseph Zoetti, a Benedictine Monk. It's quite amazing to see the intricate detail Brother Zoetti put in each piece. It is commonly called 'Little Jerusalem'

L stands for Little White House

This summer vacation spot of Franklin D. Roosevelts is located in Warm Springs, Georgia. My sister and I went on a 'girls' trip to see it and nearby Calloway Gardens.

L stands for Lobster

You gotta remember that we are from Alabama and Elbert and I never had seafood growing up. Once he was in the Navy we learned to enjoy it restaurant style, already cooked. One day we get this large box from our daughter and it was marked lobster!! I could hear them crawling around in there. Scared me to death. I was not even going to open that box, much less cook the darn things. Next door grandson comes to the rescue. He came over and cooked them for us. He brought over steaks, too, so that he and his parents and Elbert and me could feast on such fine food!! But, don't send me any more live lobsters, please. Grandson might not be available next time.


  1. The L's in your life have been just grand. Wonderful Veteran's day blog.

  2. This is one letter post that I'd love to see you expound on...where are the places and events these Ls represent!? Loved it!

  3. Wonderful L selections! Your daughter is gorgeous! Can't say I blame you for not wantint to open the box of Lobsters! I don't like creepy crawly things!

  4. Your daughter and her dress are so beautiful!!!

    I love to eat lobster, but I sure don't want a live one in a box, much less cooking it.

    Love the Little Jerusalem!!!
    Hope you're having a good week!

  5. L is for lol about the lobster. Your daughter is beautiful

  6. LOVED it once you got it finished! (smile)...That lake picture is awesome! And, of course each one was fun and interesting to read about! Glad you included Susan's wedding picture, too!

    Thanks Mom for your sweet comment on my blog about the Visit!

  7. Lovely post. I enjoyed all the photos. You have a lovely daughter.

    Have a beautiful week, Latane. We miss you at Tea Talk.


  8. Love your "Ls" Latane...your daughter is beautiful and the lobster looks delicious!

  9. I am enjoying your blog so much. I have been to the Nantucket lighthouse. Love the lobster story and a few posts back the biscuit story. Too funny. My Mother never taught me to cook either.

  10. OH, your lobster tale made me laugh...........I feel the same way you do ! Love your L list and I have always wanted to visit Nantucket! blessings,Kathleen

  11. Beautiful pictures!
    It's hard to pick a favorite. I'd have to say that picture of you and your sweetie enjoying that lobster is wonderful.

    Those smiles .... even if it was an adventuous meal :)

  12. Susan is Gorgeous!!
    Love the photos Girl!


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