Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Farm Machinery

It's December, a bit late for gathering crops but some farmers in this neck of the woods have large (I mean really LARGE) farms and it takes awhile for them to get everything harvested. Too, it all depends on the weather. Farmers are pretty much at the mercy of the weather.

In my world there are a lot of large farms. We grow peanuts (shown below), soy beans, corn and cotton for the main crops. The peanuts have long since been dug.

Farm machinery pretty much has the 'right of way' on the roads. I followed this fellow quite awhile. Some machines are so large their width covers most of two lanes of traffic. In that case, you just poke along at 2 miles an hour until he gets where he is going.

When a farmer grows old and his fields are no longer being planted, the machinery is often left to rust. This photo was taken after a big snow fall.

Here is a soybean field. Thank goodness the farmer sits in an enclosed cabin up front and inhales very little of the huge clouds of dust that any crop will make.

This machine is huge and it goes along the rows gobbling up the cotton bolls. Imagine having to pick a field of cotton by hand. That's the way it was done long ago.

And so, that is my world today. Please check out http://ourworldtuesdaymeme.blogspot.com/ for other interesting places.


  1. Great pictures, Mom! I love that one you followed on the road--he looks like part of a traveling circus, or something! We have cotton fields here, presently defoliated and with the bolls ready to harvest! The Hohokam Indians grew it as a staple. I will likely do a post on that at some point. (So I can at least see cotton sometimes! :-) )

  2. So many different pieces required to do farm work....I ditto ....GOD BLESS our FARMERS

  3. Once again my memories are stirred by your photos...and I agree with the others...God bless our farmers!

    Your photo of the rusting farm machinery in a field of snow is excellent!

  4. What an interesting world. Sounds like Iowa or somewhere like that. :-)

  5. Cool machinery...I've picked a few bolls in my time...

  6. Farmers are still in the fields here in California and we followed behind some of this machinery recently.
    It made me think of my great-grandfather, a corn and hog farmer in Iowa in the 19th century. I don't think he had anything like what I see in the fields today.

  7. Wonderful, Latane. Thinking of you.....


  8. So enjoyed visiting your corner of the world. In my area, we are also used to farm equipment..........coton and grain fields. It is common to slow down or to stop for a tractor in the road. Have a great weekend. blessings,Kathleen

  9. Thank you for sharing photos of those machinery. I haven't visited a big farm here that's why I haven't seen like those. Maybe one day.


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