Sunday, December 11, 2011

Wreath Laying

I participated in the Wreaths Across America project yesterday. Several years ago a company in Maine decided to place a wreath on every veterans grave in Arlington National cemetery. It wasn't long until The Civil Air Patrol got involved and the project grew. And, so it is, that a live Christmas wreath is placed on every veterans grave on a designated date in December all across America. What a way to pay respect and show our appreciation for these men and women who gave their all for our country.

The wreath-laying at Albert G. Horton Jr. Memorial Veterans Cemetery in Suffolk, Virginia began at 9 a.m.  on Saturday, December 10th. Family members were given the opportunity to place the wreath on their loved ones grave. I was very honored, as well as emotional, as I positioned the wreath against my husbands headstone.

The ceremony that followed was both moving and inspirational. I had a flood of thoughts and emotions run through my mind as the flags were presented,

the National Anthem sung and the Pledge of Allegiance was repeated. I was so proud of Elbert and the 22 years he had served his country. His tombstone is engraved with these words 'With Love and Honor'. Truer words were never spoken. He loved his country and he served her well.

After speeches and the laying of wreaths at the committal shelter the crowd followed a bagpiper to the 25 'first' graves in this cemetery.

Miltary personnel from every branch lined up and one by one placed a wreath on each grave, stepped back and gave a slow salute. After the final wreath was in place Taps rang out over the open fields, echoed back from the surrounding trees and touched all our hearts. 'Amazing Grace (by the bagpiper) finished the service.

Shirley, John and I walked back to Elbert's grave. Where once stood barren white stones now the ground was resplendent with green and red. Honor, glory and respect. That's the way it should be.

My own personal thoughts, feeling and more pictures can be found at I hope you will go there and continue reading about the Wreaths Across America.

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  1. What wonderful pictures. The wreaths against all those markers are so moving. I was not aware of Wreaths Across America. Thank you.

  2. Thank you for this post, Latane. I am glad that these men and women are each receiving a wreath at their graves. It is good that you were at the ceremony.


  3. Oh, Mom! This is such a wonderful tradition, and I am so glad you were able to be part of it for Dad! Sorry I missed it. It looks like they did an amazing job honoring the vets! Perhaps I can be there next year, or the next...

  4. A moving post, with emotion packed photos... a SAlUTE to the men and women who have served and are serving in our your Willie and my Don!

  5. I so enjoyed your post! I am wiping the tears away from eyes. You have such a beautiful blog and have had and still have such wonderful experiences to share! Warmest wishes for a Happy & Blessed Christmas.

  6. Oh Latane...SO heartfelt!
    And SO beautiful...(((HUG))))

  7. You have made me cry....I am so sentimental and patriotic. I love that you were there for the ceremony and that it be back to touch your heart again next year. I think the project is one of the most wonderful of which I have heard. My daddy was in WWI and my children’s father was in Korea. I come from a family that loves its country. genie

  8. This is a wonderful project and I'm glad you were able to be a part of it at the cemetery where your husband is buried. I'm glad he, and all the other veterans, can be honored in this way. We are fortunate to have men (and women) such as him to serve our country.


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