Monday, January 9, 2012

Birthday Fun

Last Friday was my birthday. The BIG 78!! Wow, how did the time go by so fast?

Did you know that Birthday is spelled P-A-R-T-Y!! No kidding. Friends and family and two little boys, too cute for words, all came to help me celebrate.

There was laughter and food and hugs and food and gifts and food........Yep, there was a lot of food.

Dau Shirley, friend Kate and Kate's dau Amy and grandson Christopher were unbelievable helping with everything in the kitchen. Son in law John fixed a light switch, moved things and toted and carried. They all are the best.

Gigi with great-grandson Vann.

Dylan was on the go - party animal that he is.

On my 'real' birth date Shirley took me to Andersons (a nursery, gift shop and cafe with the yummiest of food). Brittany and Dylan joined us and we had over 2 hours of fun in there. Shirley and I ended the day with dessert overlooking the James River while the sun went down. I couldn't have asked for a better birthday.

Thanks to everyone who came, to everyone who wishes me happy birthday both through the mail, on my blogs and on facebook. It was just the best ever. And, many thanks for the gifts although I had asked that none be given. What you gonna do with some people!!!!


  1. Happy birthday, Latane. So glad to hear you had a wonderful party on your birthday. I enjoyed the photos. Thanks for sharing.

    Blessings and prayers,

  2. Belated Happy Birthday Latane! Your post has moved me to a few happy tears. I'm glad for you to have had such a beautiful time with your family & friends...I will be 64 come Sunday and thats what I am does time fly by so quickly?! Many wishes for a happy year ahead....may you have many more! hugs...Maggie

  3. Happy (belated) Birthday!!! You look great!!!!! What a wonderful birthday you had! That table of food looks tempting!
    Wishing you many more Happy Birthdays!

  4. (singing) Happy Birthday to you!

    I am sorry I missed sending you wishes on your birthday, Latane. I had a birthday reminder for you here on my desk but then I was under the weather the whole day and weekend. It is wonderful to hear that you had a great day and a very special party. Thinking of you.


  5. Awwwww!!! Happy Late Birthday!!
    Hope sounds like you had a great time!

  6. Glad that both days (your actual bday and the celebration day) were fantastic! Love you, Mom! Wish I could've been there!

  7. Belated Happy Birthday Latane! What lovely times you and friends are such a joy and a blessing!



  8. A very well deserved celebration. You are blessed with ones who care.
    (Your grandsons are so cute)

  9. The food and decorations look delightful. Your birthday celebrations sound wonderful, which you certainly deserve.
    Happy Birthday AGAIN!

  10. Hi, my name is Heather! Please email me when you can, I have a question about your blog!


  11. Happy (belated) Birthday, Latane! Glad you had a great time with your family and friends. Where does the time go?


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