Monday, January 2, 2012

It's 'T' Day

The letter 'T'. Very important evidently since I have a ton of pictures to share with you. So, hang in there. THERE, another T.

                             Here's Elbert beside a Teepee at a Lewis and Clark exhibit in South Dakota.

                                                                   A Toadstool in Virginia.

Elbert and grandson Kenny on the Tractor

AmTrak at the Petersburg station, where I catch the Train to go to New York and other places.

A Teddy bear quilt I made a few years ago.

Christmas Trees at the True Value Hardware in Windsor, Virginia

I played a Trombone in the High School band.

My Mother's Trunk. Daddy bought it for her in the early 1920s. It sits in a guest room at my house now.

Elbert picking up a Turtle he found in our yard.

                                                       Ole Tom Turkey. He sure was good.


  1. I enjoyed seeing your pictures, variety is the spice of life they say. It sure is enjoyable. Happy New Year...

  2. I look forward to your alphabet pictures, Latane. I will be sad when you finish. The "T's" are very interesting. Nice job!

  3. Love your "T" photos! Favorites...your Mom's Trunk and you with the Trombone!

  4. Wonderful selection of Ts!! My, that Turkey looks yummy!!

  5. Love all of the photos, and I especially love that trunk. I have just recieved my grandfathers trunk and love any trunk I see! blessings,Kathleen

  6. Love all these Girl! Especially the one with the turtle!

  7. Love all your T Pictures! That's a neat trunk...and you sure look cute with that big trombone.

  8. Great list of "Ts"! I always enjoy these particular posts because they bring back a lot of memories for me. I know they must be fun to compile, as well.

  9. That turkey looks delicious, I think he and your picture holding the trombone are my favorites.

  10. I enjoyed you T collection. thanks for sharing. Happy New Year to you, Latane. My T is Tea Talk on Thursdays. We hope you join the group again when you have time.



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