Thursday, January 12, 2012

Tea and Things

No time for sweet repose as I hardly had time to catch my breath this morning but I did gulp down a cup of regular tea and eat a piece of toast.

A couple years ago I found an entire set of dishes at a thrift store and this is the cup and saucer from that set. Have I said, I love dishes? Oh well, let me say it again. I love pretty dishes and I was delighted to find these.

As I drank my tea I was feeling apprehensive. Had an unpleasant task to take care of (one of those personal things) so I was not looking forward to lunch when I would have to execute that task.

On my mind was 'What I want to do with the rest of my life'. I have so many places I want to go, so many things to do, so many people to meet, so much new food to experience. I must get busy getting it all done.

My thought for the day:

I am linked to Tea Talk Thursday. I hope you will stop by Ruth's blog (just click on the logo on the sidebar to access her blog) and say hello and perhaps have a cup of tea.


  1. I too love dishes and would buy up way too much if I had more room. Hope you unpleasant task went smoothly.

  2. Forgot to tell you I like your new background.

  3. I love the Christopher Robin quote? fitting for you.
    I love dishes also. You're teacup and saucer are delicate.
    Good luck on your unpleasant task.

    I love your positive attitude!

  4. Hello~ Thanks for having Tea with us. I'm a little late to the party, but I enjoyed spending time with you. I love dishes too and have all mine from the thrift store. We use only fine china. I've gone through so many sets (they break with constant use and young children) Pretty dishes make even the most humble food look delicious.

  5. Hello Latane,
    I was here early after you linked up but wasn't able to leave a mark.

    I enjoyed reading this beautiful post. Very well-put together. Love the quotes, too. Thank you for joining us again.
    You have a pretty teacup!

  6. Hope it went well at lunch today, Mom. I love the Christopher Robin quote, too. I know you are apprehensive, but I think you faced today bravely, and I know things will be better from now on. Love you lots!

  7. That Christopher Robin always said the most thoughtful things.....what great characters in those Pooh stories!

    Love your pretty china. I served tea to a friend today and used my vintage china - we tried Empress Grey which was a nice change from Earl Grey. I made a special French gateau with fresh pears and ground almonds - and of course a dollop of freshly whipped cream. Yummy!

    Have a great weekend-Mary

  8. Sorry I missed your birthday, but you should be celebrating all month any way.
    I tryed to leave comment about the quilt bee---It looked fun, I sure miss my quilt club.

  9. Love that dish service! Pretty cups...
    and the saying is SO true!!
    Sweet week to you!

  10. Hope your unpleasant task goes well!

    Love the Christopher Robin quote and your dainty dishes!

  11. The Extension Service is a great idea, Mom! (about my hummingbird feeders :-) )


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