Thursday, January 19, 2012

Travel on my mind....

Hardly time for a cup of tea this morning. I am busy packing for a flight to visit my daughter in New York and her amazing family. Just up and decided to go .. well, what's to stop me but me? Right? So, I grabbed a quick cup of pekoe tea (nothing fancy with all this rushing around) in my cute little cup from a set in the Rosales pattern.

Isn't this the 'cutest' tea set? I bought it at the base exchange when we lived on Midway Island. I gave it to my Mom and I have it now.

I'm feeling pretty well. The sun is shining (although it's colder than cold outside) but I am enjoying it because where I am headed is much, much colder!! Need to take my snuggies for sure.

I have a lot on my mind. The trip, of course, and also things I want to do in the coming months.

I am sorry.... but I am hooked on pinterest so many quotes you will get from me will be from my pinterest boards. I have found inspiration from a lot of the quotes.. here's mine for today.

I am linked to Tea Talk on Thursday. Why don't you stop by and have a chat and a cup of tea with Ruth and the rest of the tea talk gals.

I am going to visit grandsons. When asked if Tighe (the 4 year old) was excited that Grandmother was coming he said YES. Then he added, she is funny. So, his Mom asked why he thought I was funny. She talks funny, he replied. Okay... so he's a BIG boy now, all of 4, and the last time I visited, last fall I guess it was, he told me the same thing, that I talked funny. I was talking 'baby' talk to him or so he thought. Maybe I was. He's such a sweet little boy and will always be my little 'punkin'. However, he is used to the 'Northern' accent so maybe he was complaining about my Southern drawl. Get used to it, kiddo, your Grandmother is from the South!! ha


  1. Awwww! I know you'll enjoy your visit! Take pictures!!

  2. Hi, Latane! I'm visiting via Ruth's Tea Talk. Whenever I click on your link, I get a message saying I'm blocked from visiting your blog. (?) But I found you through another post of Ruth's, and on her sidebar.

    Going to NY in the winter is a bit insane, but totally understandable if it's for the grandkids! I don't have any yet, but maybe in 4-5 years (I'm dreaming here!).

    Enjoy your precious time with your grands!!


  3. Is this where the little birthday boy lives?
    We are doing so good we are planning a trip to Texas in February.

  4. Hello Miz Main St. Congrats on your trip to NY. Used to go quite often a few years ago. Our oldest son went to work for IBM up there, married a girl from there and our grandson was born in Kingston. They are in Texas now and still far away. Enjoy your visit and be safe.

  5. How wonderful! I would love to get up and go visit my mother or sisters who live out of state. Your grandchildren will always be thankful. Mine are for all the visits grandma and grandpa have made to see us.

    Love the tea set. God bless you today and be safe.

  6. Take your warmest coat and have fun!

  7. Be safe, stay warm and enjoy your grandchildren!

  8. I know this must be a difficult month for you - but I'm so happy you are able to visit your family - what fun that will be. Be careful, snuggle up warm, and just do it!

    Hugs - Mary

  9. So sweet to read of you and your "punkin'" grandson:)
    Godspeed and joyful journey to you!

  10. New York and your wonderful family and children....... you can't get any better than that!
    Stay warm..

  11. Hi Latane, I hope you have a great trip and safe travel. I have never been to New York I am green right now. Have fun and enjoy your family.

    The Messy Roost

  12. I know you are having fun! But, I hope you aren't too COLD! That Tighe is so adorable! I know he has changed so much since I saw him last! Glad you shared this particular tea set this morning!

  13. Have a fabulous trip & enjoy your time with the family. The wee ones grow too quickly, my friend.
    Have a great week ~
    TTFN ~


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