Saturday, February 11, 2012


I'm sitting here thinking I ought to make a new post and I am DRY with thoughts. So... since I ran across some old artwork I did years ago I thought I might share that with you. This was back in the 60s and 70s, ages ago and I never was any good at it but I sure did have fun trying.

First let me tell you how my love of art began. Before I ever started to school I would go to my aunt and uncles house. She was a school teacher and she taught me my ABCs and colors etc. She did oil paintings and uncle had built her a little studio at the edge of their yard. The minute I opened the door the odor of paint and turpentine poured over me. I loved the smell of it all and there on her big easel would be a painting in the works. That is when I fell in love with ART.

So, here art gallery!!

A pastel of a bottle with flowers... been so long I don't remember what kind of flowers.

A pastel I did of a couple bottles and a glass apple that my husband brought back from the Carribean.

One of the first oils that I ever did. Zinnas, I think.

This is the second oil that I did. My teacher, Margaret Farmer, had us go out onto the streets of Annapolis, where we were living at the time, and chose a building to paint. I picked this antique store. A real lesson in depth preception, color... but I was proud of it.

An oil that hung over my buffet in our house in Alabama. You know, I don't remember seeing that painting in a long while... hmmmm? Wonder where it is?

The vegetable cart from the college play 'Hello Dolly'. And, yes, I painted it. Painting props for plays and such is totally different than painting a picture. You deal more with illusion in props. In my 'old age' (when I was around 40) I took an art class and an art history class at the local college from a delightful instructor by the name of London Bridges. Yes, that was her name!! It was during my college days that I was asked to paint this cart. I wish the picture was in color.

This bouquet of flowers was painted while we lived in Alabama. A cousin of mine wanted it so it hangs in her home now.

And, this oil hangs on my kitchen wall. My college instructor wanted me to paint a cabbage and this is it.

This watercolor is really bad..... driftwood, grapes and sumach. And, it's gotten damaged over the years.

                           Roses in oil on cardboard.... what was I thinking?

                                        An oil of batchelor buttons.

  A fireplace at my brother-in-law's mountain cabin in Tennessee, done in pastels.

The Golden Gate Bridge - watercolor

              And, finally........... a 4X6 board canvas with pink flowers in oil.

So, that's my little gallery of the feeble efforts of my 'art career'.


  1. but of course you were good at it painted what YOU saw, what YOU felt and that is GOOD! I've reawakened to my art passion too! Perhaps you'll give it another whirl, in any case thank you for sharing your art with us!

  2. This is so interesting, Latane. My Mom was a painter. She started out not knowing but as the years past she became better and better. My brother, sisters and I have her wonderful paintings now. I hope this means you are going to take up painting again. I really like some of the ones you did. Good work and such a nice hobby.


  3. Wow! You are an accomplished artist Latane. Great subjects in your paintings and the way you rendered them shows your versatility and your special eye. They must have loved having you paint scenery in college. Love the TN fireplace - well love everything!

    Marie must take after you - her creations are stunning too..........and I'm so enjoying her charming comments.

    Hugs coming your way for the weekend, keep on blogging!
    Mary X

  4. You are quite the painter.As I scrolled down I thought each one my favorite. Hard to choose a favorite but I sure do like the cabbage.

  5. You are a good artist! wow! I used to like to draw but never...never got the understanding of perspective. I started art lessons but they were outdoors and I got SO bit up my mosq. that I never went back. I was so miserable with those bites for a good week. My artist friend/teacher never really knew why I quit.

  6. I enjoyed seeing your artwork! If I had to pick a favorite, it would be the cabbage! I like the Batchelor Buttons for my second fav. I used to take a few art lessons and dabbled in oils and tried watercolor. It was such fun and I could lose all sense of the passing of time while painting. I always said I'd take it up again when I retired, but the computer and camera have stolen all my time!

  7. London Bridges??? Love the Name!
    I took art lessons as a kid..oils.
    It was fun...Love your paintings!!

  8. Oh, Mom! I haven't seen some of these in years! I loved seeing them again! My favorite is probably the zinnias, and the roses, and the one with the ruby-glass vase oh and that cabbage! I loved the story about Aunt Mary being included here, and the mentions of Frances Farmer and London Bridges...ahh, the memories!

    Oh, I just noticed the comment by Mary...thanks! That was sweet! I do think I take after my wonderful Mom in many ways, and am happy about that!


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