Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Red and White things

I am linking with Rednesday and White Wednesdayso my photos and little stories will reflect those two colors.

I never thought much about red as a color, nor white for that matter. I will tell you that red is much more exciting than white, although white is so serene, clean, pure. But, there's something for the old saying 'painting the town red' because when you see it, you are bound to think strong, vibrant thoughts, like these two tall smoke stacks. They are painted in red and white stripes and remind me of ... oh geez, was it Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum that had stockings like that?

While traveling in Ireland some years ago I loved seeing the sheep grazing on the hillsides. The owners paint their sheep with various colors to claim them as their own. These I believe have red spots on their behinds.  I wonder who these sheep belong to?

 My sister and I ate once at this fabulous restaurant. The entire building was red but just look at those pristine white stairs. I love the contrast.  And, yes, that is me in my red blouse. I seem to remember that I had white pants on but I really can't tell on this photo.

and last... Santa ornament I made out of felt. He's red and white, of course.


  1. A place I have never been and never will. I truly enjoyed visiting it through your lens.

  2. Love these red and white things! I had forgotten about them marking the sheep that way in Ireland!

    I am having fun finding neat things around here to post! :-) Glad you enjoy my posts every week!

  3. Good reference to "tweedle dee and tweedle dum". Made me laugh!

    Interesting, Latane.

  4. I do love red and white..and that looks like an awesome place to eat.

    Good idea about putting your birthday on a pillow, like my zip code.
    I could put NEW YEAR'S EVE on one....that's MY birthday. :))

  5. What great photos! I love that red building and you are perfect to pose in front with your cute outfit! ♥


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