Thursday, July 5, 2012

Cruising Down The River

In 1945 two middle age women jotted down a ditty that has stuck in our minds and hearts ever since. It went something like this:

Cruising down the river on a Sunday afternoon.
With one you love, the sun above, waiting for the moon.
The old accordian playing a sentimental tune
Cruising down the river on a Sunday afternoon.

Just listen to this rendition by Paul Rich (you tube) with beautiful scenery from Germany. Now, that would be the place to be on a boat cruising down one of the rivers, viewing wonderful castles with the one you love. click on this link Paul Rich singing Cruising Down The River to hear the music.


I've never been on a boat on a river in Germany or any place far from home but I do have pictures of a few of my family enjoying outings on the water. Most of these photos were taken some time ago. Hope you enjoy!!

Michael takes his sister for a sail.

Two of our daughters, Elbert, two grandchildren and son in law cruising down the James River on a ferry.

Me and Elbert taking a boat trip in South Carolina.

Elbert takes me for a spin in Alabama. The sun was shining... I don't think we waited for the moon to come out but that would have been fun, too.

A sail boat in the San Diego Harbor. This photo was taken in 1951 just after Elbert and I got married. Now, that was awhile back!!

Birds cruising on the lake.

Sure hope all of you can get out and enjoy the water sometime during this hot summer.


  1. Water! Oh wait, you didn't say rain... What a "refreshing" post. Have a wonderful rest of the day!


  2. I love the peacefulness of this beautiful post of pictures!

  3. You'll have me singing that song all night long... I love it...

    You have some great 'cruisin' photos... Love that one of you and hubby... He looked like such a wonderful man. I can only imagine how much you miss him...

  4. Enjoyed the video! We sang this song at a program in grade school.

  5. loved the water shots and the memories...some of my best memories of Don and I we were on the water or near the water (ocean, gulf, swimming pool).

  6. Amazingly the only photo that came through was the B&W of the sailboat in 1951, and I don't remember ever having seen that photo before, for some reason! I can only see the others "in my mind" from your captions....thankfully I am familiar with each of these phases of your life! :-) I know I need to call the internet provider people and get this seen about, but I can think of a million other things to spend $85. on! This problem causes me to miss so much, though! This was a wonderful idea for a post!


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