Sunday, July 8, 2012

Think Snow!

I'm just checking in to see how all my blogging friends are fareing in this terrible heat. Sure hope you are staying inside and that you have the air conditioner cranked up and going full blast!!

                                                          Get yourself a glass of iced tea

                                                            or make some lemonade

Sit back, relax


Before long the heat will be gone............and the snow will come and you will say 'I sure wish I had some of that warmth from July'. Come on, you know you will.


  1. LOL...I will! It was 105 this week, but my husband had his devotions outside this morning and says the heat has broken. Now for some rain! I do have tea beside me. Strong, dark and unsweetened!

  2. Wishing you a nice Sunday! We've been enjoying lots of iced tea and lemonade from Chickfila!

  3. Well, thats true! Still, it was 99 degrees here yesterday and no AC...just fans. We are ready for cooler temps for sure. I made a big pitcher of iced tea a while ago. And learned....regular tea has more flavor than decaf. seems too...

  4. That's so true - we don't seem to be happy with things very often, do we??

  5. Everyone is suffering so much in this heat, it seems. We aren't "higher than normal" here, thank goodness, but normal is high enough! Still, we stay inside most of the time, running that air conditioner, and drinking tea....Mom, lemonade sure sounds good, too!

  6. Iced tea and lemonade sure sounds good on a hot summer day.
    I love the picture at the top of this post!
    The weatherman is saying we might get some rain.....we need it desperately!

  7. Wonderful Post! I think I will take your advice & Think Snow! ;)

  8. All we need is lots of rain. Keeping the plants watered is going to be my downfall this year.

  9. Yes, we certainly will be saying exactly that. That iced tea looks refreshing. I think I'll go make myself a glass!


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