Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Flutter by, butterfly!

This time of the year reminds me of my precious Mother. In her later years she would sit in a rocking chair on the front porch and watch the butterflies. They were usually yellow ones (of which I have no pictures, they never seem to be still enough for me to snap them). When I see a small yellow butterfly now I know my Mom is watching over me.

Butterflies in any color are beautiful. They are ethereal, so delicate and fanciful, as they flutter from flower to flower in search of nectar.

Today I wanted to share a few butterfly pictures with you. If you want to see some really amazing butterflies you ought to click on the Pinterest button on my sidebar and explore my Butterfly board. Wow.

                                 This yellow and black butterfly sure is enjoying a zinna in my yard.

This one is stunning, so bright and with cute black and white 'shoulder pads'.

This black beauty loves my pink petunas. Those flowers must have some sweet nectar.

What I see out my kitchen window.

My abelia bush atracks a large number of butterflies in my yard. I love the vertical black stripe on the wing of this yellow and black one.... and the orange and blue dots on it's tail.

This black one with the irridescent blue was one I snapped in Nebraska.

Another orange one. I wish I knew the name of the butterflies but evidently I don't care enough to  learn them. But, they are beautiful and that's all that counts to me. 

Have you seen many butterflies this summer? I sure hope so, for they bring joy and serenity to the observer.


  1. The butterflies are profuse around here too. Monarchs have shown themselves of late but mostly its the swallow tails both yellow and black ones.

  2. Butterflies also remind me of my late mom. We would walk hand in hand in the flower garden every a.m. and enjoy the butterflies and hummers.

    I love seeing your photos. Just beautiful. Have a nice day.

  3. Your butterflies are lovely! That last one that you said you didn't know the name of, is a Gulf Fritillary. I didn't know it's name until not long ago. Just about my favorite thing is photographing butterflies and in the process I have learned a few of their names.
    Have a happy day!

  4. Lovely! I am not seeing many butterflies this year.

  5. Amazing shots. I have lots of flowers but I never see the butterflies. We don't seem to keep the same hours.

    My daughter is nuts about butterflies and if an item dose not have butterflies on it she will not own it. Makes giving gifts real hard.

  6. Amazing that you posted this today, Latane! Just two days ago, I was trying to get pictures of the butterflies around my butterfly bush.
    I smiled when I read what you wrote about your Mom. My mother, too, loved butterflies. When I see one, I always smile - remembering her.

  7. I am seeing lots of butterflies in the yard, but they don't stay long enough for me to grab my camera....I just don't have any ornamental flowers there for them to linger and enjoy! Maybe by next spring I can remedy that.


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