Friday, September 28, 2012

Friday Fences

I know, I've been inundating you with pictures of my trip to New York and Boston but please indulge me.... I have more. Sorry. Well, I had never been to Boston so I had to take tons of pictures and how can you not take pictures wherever you find the scenery so enticing.

These are of fences ... of course... since I am linking it to Friday Fences

a fence at the Boston Commons.
the fence around Granary Cemetery, Boston
a close-up of the cemetery fence.
and a fence in Harrison, New York, just loaded down with yellow flowers!!

I took this next picture some years back when my grandson was attending school near Martha Stewarts house in Conn.  I think she's sold it by now ....

                                   and this one at Manursing Beach club in Rye, New York.

You all have a wonderful week..........


  1. In the cemetery shot, I like how the curves in the fence mimic the curves of the gravestones.
    And the sunflowers are just gorgeous!

  2. Hi Latane, You must have had a wonderful many interesting things to capture on your camera! I have never been to Boston so these have been especially interesting for me. Thank you.

  3. Looks like a great trip! I adore your blog header too - it looks so fall-ish!
    Hugs, Beth

  4. these are all beautiful!!
    I love all the flowers and shadows
    and Boston is one of my most favorite places, I've been there several times

  5. Fences are as individual as people...some homey, some formal and formidable...some charming and in good shape,some not. You've got me thinking. I like your picture of the cemetery fence....those places are special with their tombstones that go back generations.

  6. Hi Latane, you had a great visit with lots of great photos to remind you of it.All of the different fences are stunning, each individual and interesting in its own right. My favourite is the timber fence with the sunflowers, giving a country feel right in the middle of a city!

  7. Love the fence with the sunflowers!

  8. Boston is a favourite city of mine so you can't possible show me too many photos of it. :))

  9. Latane, I'm glad you know what I meant about flying and the landings. I pretended to be brave but...but. Have a nice tomorrow!

  10. What a wonderful collection of fences. I can't quite decide which i like best, they are so varied and have something special. Lovely.

  11. I am thrilled that you share the photos from your trip. I love these fences, especially those with lots of colorful flowers. Have a blessed Sunday.

  12. Fantastic fences! I loved them all! What a great showing of different ones!


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