Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Berkley Plantation

In the wintertime there isn't much going on, on Main Street. You have to travel a piece to find adventure. Today I am going to feature Berkley Plantation on the James River for Our World Tuesday , ABC Wednesday and Outdoor Wednesday. It is a Georgian Mansion built in 1726 and overlooks the James River.

It's been awhile since I've been to Berkley so some of these picture were taken when Elbert and I celebrated an anniversary there.

Some were taken from http://www.berkeleyplantation.com/index.html  Hope you enjoy them.

The long driveway makes for a GRAND entrance to the estate

That's me standing before the GATE at Berkley Plantation.
My husband in a GRAND pose before the brick house. It was a cold day however, we had such fun.
The GREAT rooms have double arches which were built by Benjamin Harrison VI in 1790 at the direction of Thomas Jefferson
A GARDEN path. The gardens have 5 terraces dug by hand before the Revolutionary War.
We ended our visit with lunch in the adorable little cafe on-ground. I think the building used to be the carriage house. What a nice way to spend our anniversary!


  1. I'll have to try to get there some day. It's just the type of place I like to visit.

  2. Love the shots, Mom! I know it was a special day for you guys...I remember seeing these before and knowing you had a wonderful day there! Great post!

  3. glad you took time out to celebrate your special day and each other.

  4. Must have been a wonderful day. The grounds there look lovely. Great memories!

  5. Happy anniversary...love those gardens! And what a house! Isn't it amazing those houses could still be in such wonderful shape after all these years, yet my house built 19 years ago is falling down? lol Says a lot for quality workmanship back in the day! Thanks for sharing this beautiful place with us!

  6. Happy Anniversary!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

  7. That is a beautiful area --and one I want to return to someday. We didn't visit Berkley --but did visit the Shirley Plantation that day since my hubby is a Robert E. Lee fan!!!!! Gorgeous area. Love your photos.


  8. Thanks for sharing this anniversary trip, Latane. it was nice to see you and Elbert celebrating a wonderful occasion and in such a beautiful setting. Naybe one day we will visit on a future road trip.

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  10. What a clever post,Latane! Looks like an interesting place. I'm sure you had a fun day.
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  12. We're so fortunate to have all those plantation homes so nearby. Have you ever visited Bacon's Castle? They open for the season next week. (The tours aren't the same as they were a few years ago, but it's still wonderful just to be there.)

  13. Looks like a wonderful place! I love brick structures.

  14. That gate looks grand!

    Gums and Gummies
    Rose, ABC Wednesday Team.

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