Friday, February 22, 2013

Snow covered Fences

The farther north I go the prettier and more interesting are the fences! Whenever I visit my daughter in New York she usually takes me for a drive so that I can get some photographs. Now, isn't that a sweet daughter?

After the BIG snow a couple weeks ago she drove me around Rye. These photos are just a small portion of those I took and these were all shot as we drove by one house! You know there will be more from other locations to come later on!

Just look at the late afternoon sun setting those trees ablaze with gold.

This, of course, is my favorite photo of any I took during my stay in New York. I'm thinking Christmas card!
If you have enjoyed looking at my post today then click on Friday Fences  to see a whole bunch more fences. Thanks, Jan and Jer for this great meme.

I used PicMonkey to put the frames around my pictures. I like doing that. It sort of dresses them up, you know what I mean.


  1. I LOVE snow pics and I LOVE these.
    Very Pretty!

  2. Latane, these are gorgeous photos. That one of the snow peaks on the fence points is 5 star! Snow is beautiful and I love to see it coming down. What a shame so many heart attacks happen trying to shovel it away. I just made Ninja oatmeal cookies in my pulse Ninja and am so happy with them. This grey day can use some cookies and tea, don't you think so? Have a nice day! I'm planning on knitting and ironing.

  3. Ah yes, I remember that storm well - lots of digging, but it sure was pretty. The afternoon sun in your photos really enhance the beauty!
    (Apologies if this comment posts twice - Google gave me an error message the first time)

  4. Beautiful snow the frames

  5. Beautiful snowy pictures and I like the frames!

  6. These look like picture postcards! SOOO beautiful! You linked back to FF but didn't add your link on their list!

  7. Excellent post... I love your snow photos especially that last one. It is a Christmas Card one....


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  9. Great pictures - sometimes that sun during golden hours is simply amazing.

  10. Hi Latane, I am a first time visitor who stopped in from away for the weekend (Karen's blog). You description of living in small town VA caught me as we also live in a very small VA town now, (pop 500) after moving here from NJ. We miss snow so it was great to see these photos. I also read several posts on your other blogs and commend you on both sharing your loss and moving forward, not easy things to do.
    If you get a chance, please do stop in to our blog for a visit as we do appreciate all back door drop-ins...the best kind.

  11. Whoops forgot to add that our small town is on the VA eastern shore and is called Onley(pronounced as only).

  12. Beautiful picturesque photos. Thanks for sharing.


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