Thursday, February 28, 2013

Stone Fences

It's Friday Fences and time to share with you some more of the fences I saw while I was in New York. I gotta hurry with these fences... it will soon be spring and you all aren't gonna wanna see snow, I just know it. So, enjoy these....

This part of the country has a huge stone foundation.. you find rocks (and I mean BIG) rocks everywhere. the residents utilize their natural resources in their landscaping designs. Makes for some beautiful fences.


  1. Great shots! I always love stone borders and walls.

  2. Gorgeous, Mom! I like the ones that look like they have no mortar between them.

  3. i love the picket & stone fence all together. so cool. ( :

  4. I remember traveling years ago on our way to New England and falling in love with stone fences. You've found some real beauties. I love the third shot and the last with the combo of stone and fence.

    We're having snow flurries here today so your images fit right in. :)

  5. Always love to see stone walls...they are just so rustic!

  6. Hi Latane, Hope you are feeling okay today after your fall. Bless your heart.

    Great stone fences. We love seeing ones similar to some of those in the Smokies.


  7. We always enjoy seeing similar stone fences and walls when we are in New England. One thing that isn't seen where we are now...big rocks! Hope you are doing OK aft reading Betsy's previous comment. Don't worry about spring coming soon because from recent weather forecasts, it seems the groundhog was wrong.


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