Monday, March 4, 2013

Barns and Silos

I love barns. They remind me of my childhood and playing in my grandfather's barn.

                                       Here is my selection for today's Barn Charm

I saw this barn when I took the bus tour to West Virginia

This barn and it's silos is in Nebraska City, Nebraska
A barn, several outbuildings and a silo in Surry County, Virginia
Isn't this one interesting? It's somewhere in the Driver, Va. area. I can't remember just where.

Look at the old trucks in the photo! That's the last pic of barns and silos I have in my archives. 


  1. Great group of barns from all over the country... NEAT... Thanks for sharing.


  2. There is always something fascinating about the barns that are abandoned in the fields. One wonders what happened to the farm families who depended upon those structures.

    You ave some very nice photos in your collection.

  3. All your barns are wonderful but I especially love the first one - the red seems so cheerful.

  4. Great barns, Mom! I particularly love those first two...and the trucks with the last one just add to the old-timey feel of that barn. Nice collection of shots!

  5. We went to Nebraska City a few years ago - back before I was in search of barn photos!
    That Surry barn is very familiar! And the Driver barn is right across from the old Rodman's Barbecue in Bennett's Creek.

  6. Wonderful collection....and all beautiful.

  7. You've taken some great shots of those barns! Such lovely colors.

  8. Very nice series! I really like the perspective in #4; draws the eye right to the vine-covered silo.

  9. These are some beauties, that's for sure!

    Thanks for joining =)

  10. wow, i love the bright clouds - so cheerful. we are expecting snow so it has been kind of grey around here the past few days. i need some sun asap. have a great week. take care. ( :

  11. The last one is my favorite. I saw the same ones in surry county too, such a pretty area.
    Nice mix of barns here.


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