Wednesday, June 26, 2013

It's Gonna Be A Hot Summer

I dislike it being so hot!
No, I do not want it cold, either.
I just wish I could have it somewhere in-between.

It's time for me to hibernate where the cold air is swirling throughout the house thanks to the installed air-conditioning. Isn't it grand???? I mean, take away my dishwasher or my microwave, even the washing machine but for gosh sakes, don't touch my air-conditioner.

Today I noticed my car air-conditioner wasn't as cool as I would have liked. Surely it isn't the same problem I had last year. If so, back to the repairman. Gotta keep cool.

So, I was wondering what does a person do during all this hot weather?  Here's a few ideas I came up with.

Summertime is a ...

                                                      Time for the men to go fishing

                                            Time to find a bench in the shade and sit a spell.

                                                  Time for tall glasses of cold lemonade

                                                      Time to cook out on the grill
Time to go to the pool.
and have a Slurpy and a Coke.
You think maybe it will be a short summer? I sure hope so.
What are your plans for the summer? Maybe you have some better ideas on how to spend it.


  1. It's hot/humid here, too! That lemonade looks good to me.

    Early in the a.m., we raise the windows so the cats can enjoy the birds. They sit in the windowsills and chatter at the birds!

    The rest of the day, the a/c runs like crazy!

  2. My plans are to stay in the house and out of the sun as much as possible! I feel like you do about the temperature! About 68 or 70 degrees would be nice :)

  3. Isn't this the truth! It was nearly 100 degrees here today. I get out for my walks and gardening early in the morning-oh, it's still hot, but not scorching! I like sitting a spell in the shade!

  4. I do not like it hot! But I do like to swim in our pool or go to our daughter's and son-in-law's cottage at one of the Finger Lakes here. We spend a lot of time there during the summer. I love our veggie garden. Although, Jim does most of the work now, I must say I enjoy a good old fashioned cucumber and tomato sandwich. I can't wait for that. We go for afternoon rides farther out into the country. We visit with our neighbors more in the summertime and we exchange plants. My 13 year old granddaughter will be having a few girlfriends to our pool in a few days. I will enjoy that. BUT...sometimes I do not know what to do with myself so I find a shade tree and park myself there.

    I know this is not much help because you do most of these things.

    Let me know if you come up with any good ideas.

    There used to be band concerts at our local hamburg drive in....they had plenty of room and picnic tables and such. It was quite enjoyable but I don't think they have that any more.


  5. Hi Latane,its hot here at 25%F, and I'm afraid to say its too hot as we have been so long waiting for it!Watering the veg plot and the flowers at home has to be done regularly and hopefully we wont have a hosepipe ban!

  6. Hi Latane, that should be 25% centigrade of course, Sorry you must have been wondering!

  7. A little time outside, and a little time inside. That is how my summer goes!

  8. Great summer memories, Mom! Yes, it's gonna be a hot one. Like you said, though, I hope it's a short one, too!


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