Wednesday, July 17, 2013

A Trip Down South

Hey You'll....

I've been down in the deep South visiting my sister, you know, my older sibling.

She's been feeling poorly right lately so I thought I'd better get down there and give her a look-see. It was hotter than blazes and we got them every afternoon showers like it does when it gets hotter than a tater fresh outta the hot ashes. But, that's okay. We gals ran to get us a bite of dinner (that's what they call lunch in Alabama) and we'd be back 'fore the rain fell outta the sky. By then we'd be snoozing our meal off.

We did some tall eating, too. Good ole southern cooking. You know, them candied sweet taters, Lordy they are good. And, fried green tomatoes and plenty of mashed taters and gravy and cornbread.
And, chicken. I do believe that the first chicken must have been  'invented' in the south. We do take to that crunchy fried chicken. Yum.

Did you know there is a café called Fried Tomato Restaurant? A place dedicated just to the unripe fruit right off the vine. Delish. Sliced up thin and dipped in egg/milk and flour and deep fried. And, greasy. I know I musta gained five pounds just breathing that aroma in. And, I went back for second helpings. What was I thinking?

We had our sweet iced tea, too. No respectable southern lady is gonna be without her sweet ice tea. And, it better be SWEET! None of that unsweetened mess they serve up North. Heaven forbid!

Okay, I've had fun enough with my southern heritage. I apologize to anyone I might have offended but it all is true. I know the South 'cause I was born and raised in Alabama, live in Virginia now so I am southern through and through.

And, I did have a lovely visit with my sister. and Yes, she is older than me!!
                                                                          Bye you'll,                                                                                         


  1. How nice you got to visit and have that home cooking. Sounded good.

  2. What a cute post..... Since I'm a southern gal, I relate to that entire post!!!!! Loved it!!!

    Sounds like you and Sis had a great visit --with plenty of good southern food and some SWEEEEEEEET Iced Tea....


  3. Such a beautiful photo of you and yours sister. You have made me hungry talking about all the food!

  4. Boy, we do love our heritage...right? Me, too. It is good to hear all about your crunchy chicken and other good old home cooking. I like iced tea sweet or non sweet.....any old way is okay by me! Glad you were with your sister for a whole week! Good times to remember!

  5. For a moment I thought you were making fun of us Southerners. Then I realized, it takes one to know one ;)
    Fun post!

  6. I'm a southern girl at heart. Well, I guess MO isn't that far north, is it? That is just my kinda food!! Love iced tea, too! Loved your post. Take care!

  7. oh that "dinner" looks yummy!! my grandparents always called lunch "dinner" and dinner was "supper" i'm craving some fried chicken, mashed po's and fried green tomatoes! my boys LOVE their sweet tea. my youngest 2 were born in southern missouri, spent half their life in georgia and now here in virginia. when we do go north, they try to order sweet tea in restaurants and are told, "we have sugar packets" that they reply, "no thank you" haha....

    hope your sister is feeling better!

  8. Beautiful sisters...... and how blessed you are to have that time together.

    The meals sound wonderful!!!

  9. You are so funny! My gosh my mouth is watering! :-) You two look very cute together...glad you had a great visit!

  10. So nice to visit with family in the ole' stompin' grounds, isn't it. My daughter-in-law claims Alabama as her home, and says many of the same things. Says she's living in YankeeLand here in Southern VA...just not southern enough for her LOL! Glad you had such a fun visit.

  11. Sweet Home Alabama!! It's my home too....:)))) Too bad we couldn't have visited.....glad you enjoyed your visit!!


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