Friday, July 19, 2013

Random Thoughts

Lots of random thoughts running through my head. Which ones do I choose to put on Random Five Friday this week? Hmmmm.....

1. Be glad when Tuesday gets here. It's hot as blazes out there and it will be Tuesday before the service dept. can get to my car air-conditioning, which isn't working well!! I'll try to stay inside til then.

2. Anxious to finish the book I am reading ('the Last Hour' by C. Sheehan-Miles). Can't wait to see if Ray lives or dies!

3. Glad my house is clean. I do hate a dirty house and I do hate housework!

4. I am happy I got my ring resized. It's awful to get old and arthritis distorts your knuckles and you can't wear your rings!

5. I had to laugh!! Friend Leslie had discovered a family of 6 skunks in his shed out back and set a trap to catch one or more, hopefully more. But, it was just a 'possum in there! Wonder where the skunks are????

                                                                              Have a great weekend and keep smiling!


  1. I think the Skunks have gone under cover and the Possum is their decoy, cute photo. I know about those knuckles!

  2. gosh, i hope you get you AC finished very quickly. that stinks! it is nuts. i wonder why this has to happen each year. i don't remember heat & humidity being like this when i was in school. what happened?? ( :

    enjoy your weekend. stay cool.

  3. Good luck with your car AC. The poor opossum! I know about knuckles ... ugh. Stay cool!

  4. love the photo!! I'm so afraid I'll lose my wedding band (engagement ring to small and ring Don gave me in 2005 to big) that I have put them away. I couldn't bear it if I lost any of them.

  5. We have skunks around here also--but don't think I would ever try to trap them.. Wouldn't want to be sprayed... Yipes...

    We did trap a raccoon once --and wish we could get rid of more... When we catch them, we take them way back in the woods and give them a NEW home --away from ours.... ha

    We have had a hot week here --but not nearly as hot as many folks around the country. Hopefully we will all get some relief soon.

    Glad you have a clean house. Now--come and clean mine... ha ha


  6. Poor little possum! I guess the skunks are looking on, being glad they didn't get caught. :-)

    I hope you get your AC fixed soon--it's miserable trying to drive in this heat without.

  7. Oh no a/c in the car would be murder right now. I hope your Tuesday arrives quickly.
    Poor opossum looks pretty peeved. Hope the skunks high tailed it off.
    We get both occasionally passing through because there is a small creek nearby. Raccoons too...and we live in town.
    I haven't worn my ring for a few years more due to weight gain though. I really should get it resized as it's very pretty.

  8. I haven't read that book but it must be good!

  9. I was looking at the animal in the trap and thinking... that's not a skunk! Lol. I guess there will be more trap-setting in your friend's future.

    Thanks so much for sharing Latane. Always enjoy your 5 facts. xo

  10. It is hard when the a/c does not work anywhere. Our house one was finally properly repaired and has been working well for almost two months now which is a record for it!

    Hope your friend can trap the skunks soon.

  11. Hi Latane ,we rarely have any need for in car AC but this year it is needed!
    Skunks and possums we don't have to worry about unless we call them something different?!
    You could wear your rings on a chain without resizing but then if you like wearing a ring that wont do, arthritis is a pain!

  12. What will they do with a cage full of skunks? I wouldn't want to be the one to handle it!


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