Monday, July 1, 2013

Flying High.... then CRASH

My friend, Leslie, used to fly remote control airplanes. After several years of 'retirement' as a RC pilot he is interested again. First time I saw his planes I knew I was hooked. Besides, I wanted to be supportive of his endeavors. Not a lot of women are into remote control flying but with Leslie's encouragement I bought a computer RC Flight Simulator. It's been kicking my butt (excuse my language but that's the truth of the matter)ever since I bought it. So, this morning I decided I'd give it a try again. Practice does make perfect.

GEE WHIZ and WHOOPEY DO ....I got that plane in the air, flew around a little while and landed it. I was so excited I just had to share this with my blog buddies. I mean, I am more than excited!!

When I get good enough on the simulator Leslie says that I can fly his 'real' RC plane and he would not mind if I crashed it. I ask you, is that not a sweet man!!

Okay here we go. Now keep in mind that these pictures were made on my computer monitor screen. Not the best photos I've ever taken but I don't care. I was having a blast.

Here I am with my little red and white trainer taxiing down the runway. I am getting pretty good at this part, I must say!
I get up in the air over the airport but I am beginning to lose some altitude. 
I manage to get a little lift on the plane and fly a little and then.....
I take a nose dive toward the ground.
and land in what Leslie calls 'the pea patch' (the grassy area beyond the runway). It was a bumpy landing but I didn't knock a thing off that plane!! Yippee!
I manage to gain enough speed in this vegetation and lift off again and start to climb.
I am soaring high up in the sky, just like a bird, and loving it.
So far every time I've managed to crash when landing and never on the runway. So it's time to try a landing on the tarmac! And, what do I do, I crash in the pea patch.
This next picture is an enlarged insert on the computer screen that shows the damage! It seems I have lost a wing and the trail is missing. And, I am upside down. Great going!!
Well, maybe someone will give me an A for effort and thank the good Lord, no people or animals, not even a blade of grass, was injured in my spectacular landing. To repair my plane all I have to do is push the reset button and there my little red and white plane is again, all new and ready to fly. I am loving this.


  1. Way to go, Latane!! You and Leslie had a great time!

  2. Ha! I flew RCs for years . . . and crashed them routinely. Spent more time building and rebuilding them than actually flying them. :-)

  3. Oh how fun. Good for you. A for effort!

  4. How cool is that?! I would love to try and fly that plane! You go girl!!!!

  5. Wonderful!!! That looks like so much fun! I am excited for you . It is nice to do things with a friend.


  6. this is fantastic...and sounds great fun!

  7. What a nice hobby to have, Latane. Sounds like you and Leslie are having a great time.... I love watching those little planes... Good Luck!!!!

    We are back after 2 weeks off from blogging. I published a blog post yesterday if you want to see it.


  8. This Cracked Me Up!!! :-) Hey, you are doing very well, considering it's new to you! And, when you said Leslie won't mind if you ever crash his RC plane, it made me think of one of those "lists" you see sometimes..."You know someone cares about you if..." :-) Just a really cute post!


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