Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Rain and More Rain

What dummy would walk outside in the rain to make pictures?

A blogger. Yep, you get an A+ for that answer.

If a person makes a picture around here lately you have to get out in the rain. It is hard to stand by and watch my flowers droop but yet I bet their roots are sucking up all that moisture and loving it.

                                            My water-soaked lilies lie on the ground.

                                        The gardenia is bowing under the weight of water.
A mushroom has popped up underneath the patio planter.
Puddles form in the driveway
And the gutter is overflowing.
Rain, rain go away
 Come again some other day!
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  1. I was out in the rain today too - needed to do some errands ... no pics though. it was nuts. still raining now. so wild!! I need my kayak to float away. ( :

  2. Just dumped three inches of rain out of the rain gauge and now its raining again right now. Everything is lush and green including the weeds.

  3. Nice photo's...we are getting some rain tomorrow...haven't had any in days.

  4. I'm getting tired of the rain, too. Great photos!

  5. We all want the weather to be different than what we have!
    Lea's Menagerie

  6. Rain was so strong here our flowers are drooping too. Then it is 80 and humid. Then another downpour. Weeds are growing everywhere.
    JM Illinois

  7. Too much of anything cannot be enjoyed, however good it may be. As a child I always wondered how could any one pen such lines... now I know. :)

  8. It seems like it has been raining here for 40 days and 40 nights!!!! Not really...but I am ready for it to disappear for about a week or more. Your poor lilies but I can see they were beautiful.

    Wonderful photos, Latane.


  9. That's exactly what it looks like here!

  10. Great photos even in the rain ~ Having the same weather here ~ Happy 4th to you.

  11. Oh My... I know about drooping flowers and mushrooms. We've had lots of rain here too --and expecting more today and tomorrow.....Gads!!!!

    Have a nice 4th---even if it is rainy.

  12. Hi Latane, for a change we are having a heat wave!The sunny weather, up to 25% or 26% MAY last for up to 10 days which qualifies as a heatwave for us!

  13. Yep, AL and TN had quite a deluge, and now it's hitting you guys! Hope everything dries up for you soon. We haven't had much rain yet this "monsoon season." Lots of wind and a couple of lightning and thunder nights with some rain, but not nearly what should be happening right now. The wind of course helps to spread those fires, like in Prescott where those young firefighters were killed. Just too sad!

  14. I wish it would pour here, nothing but horrible humidity.
    I see you have mushrooms too. What a season this ones been.


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