Monday, July 22, 2013

Housework or no Housework? That is the Question.

I got the recipe box out looking for a good meatloaf recipe and found this.

Years ago I typed this up on a file card. Yep, used a typewriter, ya'll!! You know, those contraptions we had before computers.

It was a Hint From Heloise. And, I used it faithfully for the longest time. You can tell how abused it is... tape residue at the top where I had it taped inside my cabinet door, droplets of my long ago breakfast, age discolorations. Yep, it's been around a long, long time.

Maybe I need to put it back in practice again. What do ya'll think? Housework....
                                                                                Don't ya'll work too hard today,


  1. I like a tidy, neat and clean house, but I don't particularly like "housework"! Neat and tidy trumps clean every time :)

  2. I agree totally with Dorothy! Going to get my toes done today.....probably no housework!

  3. Tidy...Me, too. Don't/Can't understand how people live in the midst of clutter for any length of time. Yet, I know many that do, and prefer it that way. Go figure.

  4. That's funny!

    You should post your fig cookie recipe. I'd love to see it.

  5. What a neat old 'hint'.... I used to read Heloise --and liked her. Don't you love running into old things like that which bring back so many memories. Just going through an old cookbook brings back memories.


  6. Hi Latane, I bet you don't realise you do it it has become such a 'habit' picking up things as you go and keeping things tidy!

  7. I used to spend so much of my life 'doing housework' but now I admit I'm inclined to let a lot of it slide due to several reasons including, being gone on trips, having physical pain, working on the garden chores, just feeling there are more important things in life taking up my time! However, everything is usually picked up and the house is very tidy. Do like the kitchen clean, also the bathrooms, bed linens are changed frequently and bed made daily. Laundry done every few days, ironing sometimes piles up for a couple of weeks but eventually gets done.

    Heatwaves and humidity also a problem right now - so thankfully blogging is a cooler pastime!!!!

    Hugs - Mary

  8. Oh, I remember Heloise! I had one of her paperbacks of household hints and used it for years. I learned a lot from her. I'm afraid I don't do housework like I used to. There are more fun things to do nowadays! Ha!

  9. That's a good schedule. Love it! Thanks for visiting my blog, Blue Country Magic!

  10. I liked Heloise. I remember going by a schedule when the children were young. It really helped at the time. I need to go back to it. I miss the sounds of the keys on a typewriter.

  11. Cute post! Been pretty busy myself this weekend...yesterday Y & I canned 18 quarts of strawberry jam! :-) Today after church I went to Lowes and bought the concrete for the project to do with C. Now to make a pound cake to have with the leftover strawberries. My floors need sweeping and mopping, though...oh well! :-)


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