Monday, August 5, 2013

Moths and other critters!

Here it is Monday, the start of the week. I wonder why it is so difficult to get started doing anything on a Monday morning? Beats me. Guess I will just piddle around with my blog and see what I can come up with.

Nature... now that's a subject, a big one. Depends on what part of nature you are talking about. Today I think I will share with you some beautiful moths (and other things) that I captured with my camera at my friend Leslie's house. He has prettier moths than I do. Wonder why that is?

                                                       I am pretty sure this is a luna moth.
Don't you just love the chipped paint background that this moth is perched upon? And, look closely....
I didn't know I was also photographing another little brown moth right under the green one's tail, not until I saw the picture on my computer! Talk about being observant!!
A Moth of a different color!

                                                       He also has lizards in residence.
And spiders, big ones.

                                  Oh, did I mention that my friend lives out in the country?


  1. Great close ups! We saw a lizard on the patio today!

  2. i see those lizard every where ... tiny (babies) ones too.

    do you have tiny frogs (or are they toads?) running around? there are tons of them every where each year.

    neat moths. ( :

  3. There was a dead, cracked turtle in our driveway before I could take its picture. I moved it to the backyard yesterday and some critter got it during the night with only a small shell left. When we see a turtle in the road, we always stop and help it get to the other side of the road here in the country.

  4. We have these creatures at our farm and many more! lol

  5. These are wonderful closeups! I've been trying to capture a dragonfly, but they are too quick for me.
    Have a nice week!

  6. no lizards here or at least not any that I have seen, only garden toads. The moths are beautiful and far nicer than the recent ones I have seen in the wildflower garden.

  7. Neat moths and lizard and spider, Mom! I do loved the chipped paint picture. It was so said there was a little brown moth too and I kept going where, where, and then suddenly saw it. Hey, I'm having cataract surgery Wed...that's my excuse! :-)


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