Monday, October 7, 2013

A Gentle World

I guess you could say I was always a 'gentle' soul. I never like confrontation or unpleasantness but rather try to surround myself with peace and the goodness of life. I was blessed to be married to a gentle man for 60 years. That sure made life a whole lot easier.

I likely grew up that way because my Mom was the most gentle person I have ever known. She lived to be 92 and I never, ever heard her say one unkind word about anyone. Although her life was hard, she always wore a smile and never complained. People that knew her talked about how sweet she was.

Now, I am not about to compare myself with my Mother, God rest her soul. I have my faults and I do lose my temper from time to time but I feel the presence of my Mother's gentleness within me. She guided me as long as she lived..... she guides me still. As she would say 'You can catch more flies with honey than with vinegar' and you know, she is right.

My Mom was such a strong person and I admire her ability to be strong and yet gentle. As James Dean put it: 'Only the gentle are ever really strong'.

How much nicer this world would be if people stopped yelling and screaming at each other. If they smiled at the people they passed on the street or met in a store. If they helped their neighbor. If everyone was honest with themselves and each other. Oh what a wonderful world this would be!!


  1. Those are thoughtful words. You are so right, this would be a better world if we each adopted those ideas. Your mother was lovely! How lucky you were to have a mother like her!!

  2. Your mother was a lovely lady and her joy shines through. I agree, I wish everyone was kind and gentle all the time, including me!

  3. So true. I don't always live up to your mother's standard, but am happier when I strive to be there. Thanks for visiting Buttercup's and please come back often.

  4. What a wonderful example she set for you in life.

  5. Gentleness is such a good trait to have... Loved what you wrote about your mother. We all need to be more gentle....

    I miss my mother also and she died in 1991 at the age of 91... She never got to meet George --and see her daughter so happy.


  6. Yep, she was the most gentle soul EVER...and you are too, Mom! I bet you posted this during all that yelling and name-calling during the shut-down! :-) The world would be a LOT nicer if we were all more gentle and had more respect for one another!


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