Thursday, October 10, 2013

Look On The Bright Side

It's a rainy morning!

               Dark and dreary!

                                 Time to think of more pleasant, happy things
                                                                           and hop over to join Random Five Friday

#1. The leaves are falling but no color yet. Guess it's too early so I have to wait! I don't do well with

#2. The squirrels know that winter is coming. These two took a break from their nut gathering to have a play date. Les and I enjoyed watching them cavorting about on the tree trunk. Look at these two posing like some dad gum models!!

#3. Nothing better than playing on the floor with a great-grandson. I've not been on the floor (without falling) since my knees were done back in 2003 and 04. You just have a different perspective when you are down at that level... D. and I had fun making trains out of the little blocks and chasing them around on the rug. But, boy I could feel it this morning when I crawled out of bed! He he

#4. I hung a sign out by my back entry. A bit early for Thanksgiving but it was 'fallish' looking so why not. I say 'if you want to do it..... then do it. Life is too short to hold back on anything that makes life fun!'

#5. I spent a very exciting day yesterday. Well, exciting for me. I am nearly 80 and I try very hard to keep up with all this technology stuff (my grandkids think I rock) but sometimes the tech stuff is outdated before I find out about it or then try it. Yesterday was a TECH day for me! I downloaded Amazon Cloud Drive so that I could pull my pictures over onto my Kindle. I just thought it would be cool to be able to show people my pictures when I am out and about. And, in that train of thought... Tech thought, that is.... I posted my very first ebay sale item on that site. I doubt if it sells but hey, I know how now!!

 Gee, I hate to leave all you good people but I think I should start my day... all that yuck stuff.. like making my bed, cleaning up the kitchen from my breakfast meal... I'd rather stay with you. But, hey, I'll be back...

You all stay dry (if it's raining where you are), stay warm (if it's cold where you are) and stay cool if you are down south. Love and many hugs........


  1. Little GREATS are amazing, aren't they. I can't stay up with mine very
    xo bj

  2. Love those posing squirrels! I've only had one knee done and I find it hard to get down on and up from the floor.

  3. Those squirrels made me smile! Love knowing that you keep up with technology. It is important!

  4. Playing on the floor sounds like a lot of fun. I think you're grandkids are right - you do rock this technology stuff - good for you!

  5. I can tell you are one Rockin' Grandma especially on the floor and on the computer:) Twin squirrels cool:) B

  6. it's always time to give thanks ... love the sign. it's the getting back up off the floor that gets me -- but i love the time on the floor playing! your squirrels are too cute.

  7. wow to your pair of squirrels, what a super shot! it is true do it while you can and appreciate that you can...and yes getting back up can be an exercise in itself sometimes lol...

  8. Great post. Love the picture of the two squirrels!!!

  9. Congrats to you on keeping up with technology. Not an easy task. Loving the photo of those squirrels. Hope you enjoy your week.


  10. Love the squirrel shot ... how funny that they both stopped and posed like that!
    I just love your blog/post.....I'm a new fan!!!
    80 years young? Good for you!!!!
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  11. I had to look at that photo of the squirrels twice to make sure I wasn't seeing double -- perfect mirror images -- amazing!

  12. Those squirrels look like a painting! I love all your fall photos, including your header!

  13. I agree, Latane: "you rock"!
    I don't know anything about Cloud or Kindles, and although I've bought plenty of things on e-bay, I've never placed anything for sale on there.!
    You go, girl!

  14. oh my gosh, love that photo of the squirrels, they are hilarious aren't they? i just love them. and what a sweet photo of your and your great grandbaby, so happy your are able to get down on his level and play! yes, the leaves are all falling here too and haven't changed color :(

  15. Your youthfulness inspires me, Latane. Except for the squirrels' tails, I would have thought the photograph was a mirror image. Love your blog and I'm following you so I can continue to be inspired. Thanks, Nancy

  16. Nice post! Those squirrels look like clones of one another!


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