Monday, October 14, 2013

Ten Words That Describe Today

                                                             Hey friends...

                         How has life been for you lately? It's been mighty wet around here.
                  Clouds, rain and not a single ray of sunshine for 5 days. Don't you just hate it
          when the sun doesn't even come out for a minute! Makes a person depressed, sad, morose.

                      The sun did come out for a short period earlier today but it's gone now.
                                             I had to do something about my mood!!
                                                So, I put on a cd by Michael Buble'.
                                  The place just perked up and I am feeling groovy now.

                                                    What to do a post on today?
                              How about TEN WORDS THAT DESCRIBE TODAY!!
                                  I've not done anything like that .... ever, I don't think.

Today is.....

1. DEPRESSING.... Music helps, talking with loved ones helps, too. Do a project you love, look at a funny movie. I think I will do all of the above. By then I should be in fine fiddle.
2. SMOOTH... My day right now is smooth thanks to Michael B. Boy, that guy can make my heart go pitter-patter.

3. LOVING.... I feel very loved today and have all of my life.

4. FULFILLED.... I feel on top of the world that I finished writing my book on Friday!! It's been years in the making and was an emotional, exhausting, exhilarating project but it was something that was inside me and had to come out. Now, to edit it and off to the publisher it goes! Yippee!

5. BLESSED.... I can't tell you how blessed I am today... and how often I forget that! For shame. But, God is always there waiting for me to turn around and embrace my blessings. Family, friends, love, good health, a nice house, enough to eat and peace. Oh yes, I am blessed indeed.

6. THANKFUL... I am so thankful for all the above and for all God has given me. All His love, His blessings, His forgiveness, the wonderful world He gave for us to enjoy.

7. MAGICAL... The birth of babies! Bubbles made out of soap! White snow falling! The feel of a kiss! Today feels very magical. I wonder what it holds?

8. INSPIRING... Everywhere we look there is something to inspire us. All we have to do to keep our eyes peeled, our heart open and then act on that inspiration. I dare you!

9. CHALLENGING.. It takes real courage to meet the challenges that life hands us. I have already met some real challenges today but not quite as difficult as I found driving in the snow to be. I bet there will be more bridges to cross before the sun sets tonight.

10. COMFORTABLE... I feel so comfortable today. Some things that were bothering me, some depression from the days of rain and gloom are gone. The sun is peeking out from behind those clouds. I think that at the end of the day I will curl up in a warm quilt, drink me a cup of hot cocoa and prepare myself for tomorrow.

What are the ten words that might describe your day today? I am interested in how you are doing.

                                                                                                Life is good.


  1. Ah, Latane, lovely post. We're having great fall weather in mid IL, sunny and mild, to be in the 60's all week. May have some rain tomorrow, which we need. Congratulations on finishing your book. I can't wait to hear more word of it.

  2. Great post, Willie... (Do you go by Willie or Latane????) Love your words.. We all can use the same words and compare them to our lives...

    Yesterday we were in the Smokies and Blue Ridge Parkway enjoying the Autumn Colors. I could give you 10 words that would describe that day!!!!! Wow is only one of them!!!!


  3. Lovely post! My 10 words are enthused, hopeful, loved, Blessed, thankful, encouraged, nurtured, forgiven, happy, content!

  4. Isn't it something how we can be filled with so many different emotions all in one day? :) Be sure to let us know when the book is published. I'm on the waiting list. (bigger smile)

  5. Some days while R has been gone I've felt very lonely...but the sky is blue and the temps in the 70s and 80s and just gorgeous, usually with a breeze. That always cheers me up. And thinking about ALL my MANY blessings! God has been so good! Loved this post.


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