Saturday, January 4, 2014

Trying to stay healthy

Okay, so I go to the doctor for my semi-annual checkup (I have to go twice a year when you get to be my age!! Guess they think I am gonna keel over or something).

I tell my doc (she's really a physicans assistant but so doggone good) that I am going to be starting a new decade next week and I want us to make a deal. I want her to help me be healthy so I can have the best decade ever! So, she gets right on it, asking me what I want out of it, telling me what I need to do and drawing some blood (OUCH) to check things out.

Seems my Vitamin D level is low. It's 19. Now, I don't know what it's supposed to be but I looked it up and found that it should be over 30. Well, okay. So, I am an inside person, I live way north of that 34 degree line that runs from south of Columbia, S. C. all the way across to L. A. and I don't do much to get vitamin D. Shame, for shame.

So, I get online and look up why the dickens Vitamin D is so important. Did I get an ear full!! Now I am popping those little D pills every day.

I bet you didn't know that having enough D gives you greater resistance to viruses and cancer and reduced risk of Parkinsons  (Hmmmm. wonder if that included Alzheimers,)

And, I bet you didn't know that if you have low levels that you have an 80% risk of your arteries getting more narrow which means the blood can't flow as freely. D is directly linked to the stimulation of insulin production which helps stave off diabetes. It also helps with Chronic Pain and depression. Wow, I didn't know all that!! Nobody told me.

If I have peaked your interest here's what you need to do....

* Get tested, especially those of you with family history of cancer. And, I sure fit into that category.

* Don't assume you are getting enough D in what you eat. Make sure you are getting enough by other
   means. multi-vitamins do not supply enough, so don't rely on taking those.

* Get 10-15 minutes of unprotected sun exposure on your arms and legs every day.

And, get this.... and why wasn't I told.... surgery that removes portions of the intestines (or stomach) can lead to low vitamin D levels. I had that colon resection back in 2002 which took out about 18 inches I think it was of my intestines. Had no idea it should be a concern!

Anyway.... that's my medical tip of the day (probably year).  If you have any concerns then ask your doctor to check your D levels... they probably aren't going to do it without being asked.

Have a HEALTHY new year.
                                                                                                        Love you


  1. They just came out with, "D" also helps with early Alzheimer's disease.

  2. I also go to the doctor twice a year to have blood work done and found out a couple of years ago that I was Vit. D deficient. She has me taking 1000 mg a day. My daughter, who is 41, just found out she was severely deficient and was given a prescription Vit. D. I'm surprised by that because she loves to sunbathe in spring and summer.

  3. I was tested about four years ago and came up short in Vitamin D. I've been taking my little pill every day from then on. Easiest health boost ever, especially in the winter. Please come and visit Buttercup's.

  4. Latane - thanks for the heads up. My physical's bloodwork showed I was low but at 27.5 with levee supposed to be 32. I take a prescription mega dose of Vit D once a week so I was surprised that I was still low. Now I too had surgery to my small intestines but was never told that it could affect my Vit D absorption. I'll have to ask about that next time I'm in the doctor's office. Thanks.

  5. search engines are great! Good for you for making the effort to learn more, doing something about it and then sharing :-).

  6. Thanks for the information Latane. I don't think I have ever been tested for Vitamin D. Have had lots of other tests but not that.

  7. My mom and I are due for our semi-annual tests and visit coming up in Feb., so I'll be sure to notice those levels. Thanks for the "heads up!"

  8. My doctor keeps tabs on my numbers, too, and this girl takes her Vitamin D. :)

  9. I take a Vitamin D pill every day so hopefully doing OK. I have tons of bloodwork every couple of months due to the polymyalgia rheumatica problem and being on several meds. Like you Latane, I've had a colon resection (20 yrs. ago) for cancer but never was told that could also require additional Vit. D - thanks for the heads up.

    I wish you the best of everything for the coming decade dear - I just know with your positive outlook on life you will fare well and keep us smiling here in blogland for a long time!
    Happy New Year - hugs, Mary

  10. Excellent info, Mom! Great to see you taking a real pro-active attitude about your health for the coming decade too!

  11. Yes, I've been told I'm low in D also. And I was taking a supplement! The doctor told me to increase it to 2000 to 4000 mg.

  12. Both hubby and I both tested low for Vitamin D, he was taking over-the-counter, and I was given a prescription. But I've been slack on taking it. After reading your post, I think I'll get back with it! Thanks!

  13. Who knew! I was tested also and found to need a supplement! I take a good many other vitamins, also. Like you, trying to stay as healthy as possible. I will about another year and a half, I will be entering your new decade :)

  14. Well, now, I've learned quite a few things. Thanks for the info, Latane, and Happy New Year.


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