Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Do You Ever Sit On A Bench?

                                                  Come sit with me on the bench,

                                                  In the mid-winter summer bliss,

                                          And walk on the back like a balance beam,

                                               And tell me things it never seems

                                                   That you'd tell anyone but me.
                                                                                                (written by Grace Michael Cochran)
                                                            Benches fascinate me.
They invite us to visit awhile, to enjoy the peace and quiet, to reflect on things that wander through our minds.
                          They encourage us to watch a butterfly on a flower or  a child running,
                                            or watch an old man hobbling along with his cane.
                                               They give us support when we feel our lowest.
                                              They provide a place to express our greatest joy.
                                                        They can be found anywhere.
   How often do we sit down or do we scurry past without a thought of what they have to offer?
Take time to sit on a bench...
Relax and enjoy life.



  1. We should all take time to sit on a bench. I like your post.

  2. A great post and a great reminder to slow down.

  3. I like benches and we have a loooong on in the sun room. It doesn't have a back, though :(

  4. So true, Latane! And they come in so many varieties!

  5. I love benches and have told hubby that I think we should have a couple in the yard, at least by the flower gardens. I really like the stone bench, very different!

  6. I appreciate bench sitting more now that I am older. Like to sit and reflect , slow down a little bit and enjoy the moment. I do like the last bench made of stone in the forest. Very nice post

  7. I like that idea. I think I'll make more time to sit on a beckoning bench--as soon as it warms up a bit!

  8. I always love benches, too. They just always look so inviting.

  9. Wonderful post! I sometimes see interesting benches here. I love the idea of finding them in unusual places.

  10. Hi Latane...I love a good old bench. One you can sit comfortably on and think quietly about whatever you want to. I have asked my Jim if he could put one down by his vegetable garden. It is so quiet back there and I think I would really enjoy it

  11. Indeed! I like the invitation of the bench.

  12. I will have to confess, Latane, that I don't often stop to sit on benches. Your post is a good reminder that we should take the time to sit, relax, and enjoy life around us. Thanks.

  13. Beautiful post! My mother was laid to rest in a bench. A bench symbolizes perfect peace, a place to lay your burdens down, a seat to linger and reflect. Love your writing!


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