Friday, February 21, 2014

Friday's Random Five

                                                        Random Thought #1
Yes I know Valentine's Day has passed. But, I just had to share with you what my honey got me.
                                                        Chocolate covered strawberries.

Random Thought #2
I live in a really small town. Not a large selection of restaurants here. So, I am super thrilled that Wakefield now has a Chinese restaurant.
Random Thought #3
Do you watch American Idol? I am so proud that one of Jasper, Alabama's own made it to the top 13.
Way to go, C. J. 

Random Thought #4
I know it has been a very cold winter!! But, the propane company has filled my gas tank three times since Jan. 1st. Something is wrong, somewhere.
Random Thought #5
My Random thought of the past is this: Have you ever wondered what happened to a close friend?
I wonder about Linda Porter. She's the one in the dark sweater below. Our husbands were both sailors stationed at Bainbridge, Md. back in the '60s. I just wonder whatever happened to her.
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  1. I just peeked at your last blog, congratulations how exciting! Plus your number 5 I wonder if this will somehow connect you up to her or at least with someone who might know the answer to your question.

  2. wow, those chocolates look so yummy good. what a great treat. enjoy! ( :

  3. Those strawberries are huge and look delicious! How sweet.
    You must be spending a fortune on the propane. Hope you can get someone to look at the problem.
    Hope you have a nice weekend.

  4. Those are some beautiful chocolate covered strawberries! I bet they were delicious. I like that old photo and I do often wonder about old friends as well.

  5. I saw on the news about price gouging. Perhaps there are others who use propane and you could check with them about their total this winter.
    Thank you for visiting and commenting on my blog. It's always nice to meet someone new.

  6. I was just thinking about an old friend this afternoon. I wonder........

    Your chocolate covered strawberries look wonderful! How sweet!

  7. Pass the strawberries if there are any left! Have you tried Googling or trying to locate your friend on Facebook? None of us is beyond finding any more!

  8. Chocolate covered strawberries are so yummy. You wonder if your old friend isn't also looking at an old photo of you wondering where you are. Hopefully the stars will align and she will see your post.

  9. Yummm..chocolate covered strawberries..The best

  10. Yum on those Chocolate covered strawberries.
    I love Chinese food, we have at least 3-4 different ones here in my town. Enjoy yours.
    Wow that's a lot of Propane.
    Way to go on the new book.
    Have you tried searching for your friend on FB - Lot's of times you can reconnect with people that way.

  11. What a beautiful valentine!!!

  12. Your strawberries look scrumptious! I don't suppose you needed any help eating them. :)

  13. Great Random 5 Mom! Love those strawberries! That was sweet of Les! Wow, a Jasper boy doing great on American Idol! That's awesome! So glad you have that new Chinese place too. And, who knows....maybe your friend will see her picture on here (or a friend of hers or family member) because they blog and you could re-connect! Wouldn't that be amazing!

  14. Beautiful post! Love those happy colors.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Hope to see you on my blog:)

  15. Chocolate covered fruit -- yummy! How thoughtful. :)

  16. Your Valentine treat does look good!!

  17. CJ is one of my favorites . . . don't you love his smile? His eyes smile too!

    I hope the "missing friend" happens to see your Random thought . . , I too have wondered about people of my past and where they are, what they are doing.

    Thank you for visiting me at the Irish Garden House!

  18. the strawberries are beautiful. :) that's an awful lot of propane! my goodness! and yes, i wonder about people who have passed thru my life and whatever happened to them. hope they are happy and healthy.

  19. Maybe someone somewhere will see your post and you can reconnect with your long lost friend! Are you on Facebook? That may be a start!


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